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The Simple Things

Published November 10, 2013 by ABadKitten

While driving home tonight, I decided to take the back roads home. The entire 2 minute drive down the leaf-strewn road was completely dark aside from my headlights and the few spots of light coming from the back of random businesses here and there. Being so dark, I had the clearest view of the sky…


Today was a little rough. Normally, after a hard days work, seeing my boyfriend is all the relief I need to relax and unwind. It’s been harder the past few weeks as I see him a lot less because of conflicting work schedules and the fact that I practically live at my store. Tonight was the same story, as I left him a little early tonight so he could rest up for an early start tomorrow…which sucks for me because the comfort was really needed.

Looking up at the beautiful sky on my ride home, though, was so calming. From the little light that was left in it, I could see the stars just as clearly as the swirled smokey wisps of clouds surrounding them. It was super windy tonight so they moved slightly which, for some reason, reminded me of calming waves on the beach.

No amount of star-gazing could ever replace the warm arms of someone I love, but sometimes the little bit of “simple” is all that’s needed to push you over the edge to relaxation.


Pack up your troubles.

Published August 21, 2010 by ABadKitten


There was a time in my early stages of awkward, confused, angst-ridden teenaged life where I did mass research on different religions. It was during a very troubled time in my teenaged life where, I suppose, I was just looking for somewhere to place my faith where I wouldn’t feel so alone. Something like that, anyway. I researched Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Satanism, Paganism, Wicca, Druidism, and so many more. (Side note: While doing research, I couldn’t understand why so many of these religions got the bad names and were torn apart by so many others. The names and bad reps were undeserved. I suggest that you try some deep, “unbiased” research before you make your judgments.)

I took so much away from some and a little less away from others, but one thing that has always stuck with me was meditation. It’s specifically not a religious practice, it’s just something I learned so much about while studying religions such as Wicca and Buddhism. It’s a great way to relax and de-stress as well as a perfect way to reflect on your day, life, troubles, etc.

There are numerous ways to go about meditating, though plenty are very similar. The first thing I read on meditation was also my favorite way to go about it. It’s helped me relax and come down from extreme moments of stress and anxiety–things that so many people have terrible difficulty over-coming. That’s why I wanted to share this! No matter your religion, no matter your beliefs, it’s a very healthy thing to do for your mind and body.



Sit, cross-legged on the floor or lay down on your back (legs out, feet touching, and your arms comfortably at your side). Starting from the top-most part of your body, begin tightening each muscle, focusing on each one individually as you make your way down your body to your toes. Take one large, deep inhale. Hold it for three seconds, then exhale slowly, relaxing each muscle fully and completely. This helps to relieve tension in your body. Focus on relaxing your body while inhaling deeply, slowly and then exhaling slowly.

Next, it’s time to relax your mind. Picture the perfect place that you would feel at peace–in a secluded part of the woods where you recline by a beautiful lake, on the beach on a remote tropical island, it’s your choice. Now, picture a well or a deep, deep hole a few feet away from you. Take all your worries, your troubles, what causes you stress, what makes you unhappy, your anxieties and throw them all into that well. Shove them all in there, then picture the well being covered by an immovable lid. Now, they’re all gone. (Once in a while, you may find one or two of them escaping. Simply visualize yourself back at that well, and return your worry into it and recover it with the lid. It happens sometimes. )

From here on out, just remain completely relaxed and calm with all your muscles completely relaxed. Continue inhaling and exhaling slowly while your focus on your place of relaxation and paradise. In this place, there is nothing that you cannot do! So take your time to explore it, do things you never thought you could and, overall, enjoy your time there as you can stay as long as you like.

Note: This next part is important!

When it comes time to return from your perfect place, simply sit down in the grass or sand, close your eyes, and slowly feel for each muscle.  Slowly, gently tighten each muscle again while you’re coming back to complete consciousness. When you open your eyes again, blink a few times and stand up slowly! Take your time, because I’ve fallen over before.


Meditation isn’t for everyone. I know plenty of people who would feel silly trying to do it. I felt a little foolish when I first tried, but after I did it, I felt amazing. Take life one step at a time. It’s difficult and often stressful. It’s very important, though, to find time to relax both your mind and body!


What do you do to relax and de-stress?