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6 Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Published December 20, 2012 by ABadKitten

Holiday shopping is never, will never, and has never been an easy thing for me (is it for anyone, really?) so every year I struggle with what to buy for my friends and family. This year the struggle was intensified as I’ve been tight on cash lately which put me a little behind on the gift-buying. It happens, right?
So, being tight on cash and short on time, I got a little more creative this year with my gifts. These are some great fun and inexpensive ideas I came across for this year AND they’re also a nice last minute addition for just about anyone.

(Note: Most of the pictures have the links to the websites for further instructions!)


#1: Sugar and Coffee Scrub

I’m a coffee-fiend…as are most people I know, so this was an easy choice for me. Caffeine is actually pretty amazing for you skin and the scrub smells absolutely amazing. It’s a super easy recipe which calls for 5 ingredients (all of which are probably already sitting in your kitchen).


#2: Peppermint Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

This particular scrub screams Christmas so I jumped at this one as well. Again, the aroma is intoxicating and the mint leaves your skin feeling absolutely amazing. The website on which the recipe is located lists a few other types of scrubs that are just as simple (and amazing) but I chose this one, as it’s them most festive.


#3: Lovely Tea Light Lamps


This was my favorite holiday craft by far. It’s super simple and an absolutely brilliant idea. All you need to do is find some candle holders (I got mine super cheap at the Dollar Tree, but choose to your liking!), Vellum paper to print the picture out on, and either Mosh Posh or double-sided tape to secure the picture onto the votive…and voila!

Down below is another candle holder idea. Click on the picture for step-by-step directions.


#4: Candy Cane Marshmallows and other delicious homemade foodie gifts!

Both websites are packed full of different yummy things to make. Any tasty treats can be bundled together to make an awesome holiday basket. You also get the best job: Taste Tester

#5: Photo Star

This is another one of my favorites and it’s pretty self-explanatory. My step-mother loves these stars. It made for the perfect idea.


#6: Chalkboard Mugs

Since we’ve acquired a Kurig…my co-workers and I drink a lot of coffee…A LOT. I thought this was a cute idea since we always go through so many disposable coffee cups. Plus, there are lids available to cover mugs to turn them into a to-go beverage.



Personally, I think receiving a home-made gift is much sweeter than something bought at a store. Any one can run to the mall and pick up a gift…but to personalize it and make it your own shows more thought. These are only a few of my favorites here. There are tons more all over the place; you just have to look!


What types of gifts did you get for you loved ones? Were any of them DIY like mine?


Happy Holidays!