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Well, hello random “I guess I’ve grown” post.

Published November 7, 2013 by ABadKitten

When I woke up this morning, I went about a few things that I didn’t think twice about. They just happened automatically as I yawned, rolled out of bed, pulled my fuzzy sweatshirt on over my head and stretched the biggest stretch as I walked through my bedroom door.

Immediately, I walked over to the Kurig and turned it on and then waddled sleepily over to the TV to do the same (I like background noise in the morning, and it was closer than my computer!) before walking right back over to the stove to make a cheddar, pepper, and onion omelet with a side of toast and strawberries. This is all normal stuff, right? It’s my day off so I figured, Hey, make yourself a nice rounded breakfast instead of heating up frozen waffles. Makes sense.

After that, though, I put my dishes in the sink and cleaned all that was sitting in there from the previous day. After that I proceeded to disinfect my counter, bleach my sink, sweep and mop my kitchen floor. That’s not enough, says my brain at (clock-check) 9:25 AM, Time to move on to the living room and bathroom! And then I dusted, polished, disinfected, bleached, scrubbed, vacuumed, and organized. After that, I took a long hot shower and lit a candle.

Sitting on the couch after all that, I checked the clock. It was now 11:10 AM. What’s going through my mind? Well, I could have cleaned my room up too but oh well. Man, I can’t wait for a dishwasher and a stainless steal sink… followed immediately by, Who the hell have I become?!

When did I become this? I rolled out of bed on my day off, cleaned my apartment and then wished for nicer kitchen appliances. I did NOT lounge on the couch, munch on cereal and watch movies until noon while browsing Facebook and playing Pokemon X on my 3ds. I’ve only been moved out for a month now and my habits have already completely changed.

I supposed I shouldn’t be surprised, though. Everyone changes and everyone grows up. I just figured it would take a little longer than four weeks.

Now…if only I could apply my anal cleaning habits to my store, life would be so much easier.