The Simple Things

Published November 10, 2013 by ABadKitten

While driving home tonight, I decided to take the back roads home. The entire 2 minute drive down the leaf-strewn road was completely dark aside from my headlights and the few spots of light coming from the back of random businesses here and there. Being so dark, I had the clearest view of the sky…


Today was a little rough. Normally, after a hard days work, seeing my boyfriend is all the relief I need to relax and unwind. It’s been harder the past few weeks as I see him a lot less because of conflicting work schedules and the fact that I practically live at my store. Tonight was the same story, as I left him a little early tonight so he could rest up for an early start tomorrow…which sucks for me because the comfort was really needed.

Looking up at the beautiful sky on my ride home, though, was so calming. From the little light that was left in it, I could see the stars just as clearly as the swirled smokey wisps of clouds surrounding them. It was super windy tonight so they moved slightly which, for some reason, reminded me of calming waves on the beach.

No amount of star-gazing could ever replace the warm arms of someone I love, but sometimes the little bit of “simple” is all that’s needed to push you over the edge to relaxation.


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