Do you grasp your memories?

Published October 28, 2012 by ABadKitten

It’s four o’clock in the evening and you’ve just sat down with a cup of tea. Grabbing a small, empty notebook and your favorite pen, you begin making a list. You jot down memories, both good and bad, labeling them with either “G” for good or “B” for bad. After an hour, your poor cramped hand has had enough. What do you do? You go back to each memory and number them, accounting for how many “G”s there are and how many “B”s there are. Which list is longer?

Most commonly, it’s the list of bad. Bad memories filled with unhappy emotions and a dreadful veil of sorrow each time one is dug up tend to stick with us longer than those that elevate our moods and lift us up. It’s pretty unfortunate, I think, regardless of if they affect your life in a positive manner later on or not.

If you sat down with a notebook and did exactly that, which list would be the longest do you think? I would personally like to think that I’ve had enough happiest in my life so far that it could out-weigh the bad that has happened. I think most people would hope for that, no? When it comes down to it, though, you really wouldn’t know.



7 comments on “Do you grasp your memories?

  • because we are ingrained to place emphasis on things which negatively affect us to keep us from doing it again, maybe i shouldnt grab that hot pan…things we smile for we will do over again…placing less importance because we will do it again…

  • @pa1ndpo3t – It doesn’t have to be memories of things that I’ve done which are negative, but negative things that have happened which are not of my control. For example, losing my grandmother to breast cancer. Not quite a hot pan, but absolutely something that effected my life and my person.

  • that is unfortunate and im sorry for such….but i bet you have a plethora of memories which the two of you enjoyed life…you should hold those close and i know you do. the grabbing of the pan is just representative that it hurt, affected negative and so it becomes a focus… i bet you have memories that the two of you did all the time which is lingering in that head waiting to be remembered again….smile.

  • @pa1ndpo3t – In the case of my grandmother, positive memories absolutely outnumber the bad. :] In general though, it’s quite the opposite. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, in my opinion, considering I’ve grown from them. I just find it interesting.

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