A Nice Pair at GameStop

Published May 26, 2012 by ABadKitten

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced as much sexism in my life as I have just from working at this job.

My step-mother worked in the construction industry. I don’t remember exactly what he job was (she wasn’t out in the fields using the super fun tools), but she was a woman working in a “Man’s Industry” and would have to fight harder for some of the things she wanted done and work harder at some other things that should have been easy. Other times, I suppose, maybe she had it a little too easy simply because she’s such a tiny woman, an easy target to under-estimate.

I don’t work in the construction industry.

I had a friend in high school whose sister worked on and with motorcycles. Were it not for the support of their father (who, to be fair, was the biggest man I’ve ever seen…no one outside of the clinically insane would look at him or his family wrong…) and the access he was able to give her, she would have had as tough of a time as one of her co-workers, Janine.

From what I saw, she knew her shit. The frequents to their shop, trusted her with their life (a.k.a. their rides). Others would wait hours or come back the days she was not at the shop simply to avoid having her touch their babies. Before Richy got her the job at that particular shop, it didn’t matter how passionate she was about what she did or how amazing she was with motorcycles, no one would give her the chance. Of course, this was 10 years ago, so times have changed for her.

I don’t work on motorcycles, cars, boats, etc.

I’m the Assistant Store Manager of a GameStop. My boss, the store manager, is also a woman. We’re both good-looking ladies. We’re both polite, sweet, and knowledgeable about our job and we both have plenty of knowledge that exceeds what one would normally have to know about our jobs. We’re to women running a store focused around the gaming industry. That being said, to some people, apparently that coincides with wonder, shock, amazement and, most importantly, blasphemy.

To be fair, I can understand where plenty of the doubt and skepticism comes from. The Gaming Industry is predominantly male, as are the employees at most stores or companies focused around it. Therefore, it could be understood that most people wouldn’t expect most women to know the difference between an RPG and an MMORPG or an FPS vs. a hack n’ slash. That’s fine. Assume away. It’s not the assumptions that bother me because we’re both quick to defuse them and set the record straight.

It’s the comments, the attitudes, and out-ward shock that makes me angry. What makes it worse is when it comes from another woman!

Woman: “Oh…do you work here? Wow uh…is there a man I can speak to? This store is managed by women? Why would they do that…never mind.” *leaves the store*

Man: “Whoa, I didn’t know they let broads work at GameStop. Bring your boss out there. I’d like a word with him.” “Sir, I’m the assistant store manager…and she isn’t here at the moment.” “Another woman? Where the hell did the men go?”

Woman: “I have a question about a game…Grand Thieves Auto?” “You mean Grand Theft Auto? What’s your question?” “Wait, do you know about these games?” “Yes, miss, I do. I play games, otherwise working here would be a silly waste of my time wouldn’t it?” “Oh wonderful! It’s about time they brought a woman in here.”

Man: “Hey sweetheart, can I ask you a question? What’s a good-looking girl like you doing working in a game store?” “I’m a gamer, sir…” “Really? You look more like someone who should be, like, waitress-ing or something. I saw a girl that looked like you at Hooters.”

Man: *to his son who is about to ask my boss about a game* “No, don’t ask her…I’ll ask that kid over there.” *I walk over to the son* “Do you like RPGs?” “Yes!” “Elder Scrolls is amazing. The only thing is that you have to invest a lot of time into it. It’s open-world, so you have a free run of what you can do. You don’t have to just follow a straight-pathed story line, either. There are a million oth-” “Excuse me, you know about these games? You play them? Like, of your own free will?” “…Yes sir. The store manager *motions to my boss* does as well.”

Woman: “Hi, um…I’d just like this gift card please.” “Oh, for a birthday? I have Happy Birthday gift cards, if you’d like.” “Yeah, sure. I figure it’s better to get him this gift card instead of the game he wanted…I don’t know anything about it.” “Which game was that?” “Some war game…” “Was it Call of Duty or Battlefield?” *takes out a piece of paper* “Uhh…Battlefield 3. For Xbox…” “Yup, that’s a popular one. I’d reccommend Battlefield over Call of Duty, anyway. Bigger maps in multi-player, bullet-drop…you can also control a few different vehicles, which is fun.” “Oh, wow. Sure, I’ll pick that up then. I just wanted to play it safe with the gift card.” “You can always ask us, miss. That’s what we’re here for.” “I didn’t realize you knew about video games. What happened to the guys that worked here?” “They were moved to a different store, so now I’m the assistant manager and the store manager’s name is Cristina.” “Two women? Wow!”

Not like amazement and things of that nature are bad things. I hate the presumptions, though, and the rudeness of a little less than half the people I and my boss deal with. The stories are endless and ever-changing. It’s a shame. Even still, I love my job. winky And I love how intrigued people get when they see a female GameStop employee. Apparently, we’re a rare breed.

Do any GameStops near you have female employees? If not, they should.



24 comments on “A Nice Pair at GameStop

  • I worked at GameStop for a month. One of the Assistant managers is a woman, but we barely worked together. A lot of elderly people came to me because “I’m a nice young lady”. I hate all the bias XD

  • I was in a Gamestop fairly recently where I could see someone who was obviously extremely shy, waiting for the woman working there to start talking to someone else before he went to the counter. I think he was intimidated by the idea of an attractive female gamer. But hey, I can’t read his mind, maybe she was his ex-girlfriend and he was hiding behind that shelf for other reasons.

  • I can understand the comments from the women a bit more….I mean, I think a stereotype will be more perpetuated from an “outsider” (by that I mean non-gamer…not females). So someone that is simply shopping for a gift for a gamer might not realize how many females play video games now. (I’d also cut more slack the older the customer is.)There are lots of female workers at GameStops around here (Southern CA). I also have a few friends that work in the video game industry and so I’ve run into a good amount of female gamers…so I wouldn’t think twice about seeing a female worker in the industry. I imagine it could be very different in different parts of the country/state though.

  • Huh.  People and their preconceived notions can be very irritating.   I don’t know enough about games or gaming culture to even have any expectations.  I did notice a TV commercial the other day for a mechanics school which featured and targeted exclusively men.  I wondered if they would have an issue with it if women applied, but I didn’t fell like calling them up to ask.  

  • Seeing as how I am in Bavaria for now: no. Still, reading this irritated me. Not what you had to say -that was great, the closed-minded comments of your customers! Video games are a VERY interesting hobby/diversion…since when did such a thing require so much gender-exclusivity? Sigh.

  • I work at a GS and our assistant manager at my store is a female who loves RPGs. One of our area’s SMs is a woman as well and very knowledgeable on action titles. It’s annoying when I catch people pulling this kinda crap in our store. Nowadays when parents ask me what to get little girls I ask them what they like, rather than point them to Squinkies and Barbie. When they ask why I didn’t say them originally, I say that women gamers are just like male gamers: each has their own likes and dislikes. Sometimes Barbie just won’t cut it.

  • i have been to a few gaming stores with female employees. both of them are in college towns and i never heard that they get any kind of bad remarks about being women. im sorry that you get those remarks though

  • I wish my gamestop had some hot female employees.  While I do enjoy gaming, I’m no expert, and the guys seem to look at me like I’m crazy for not knowing something they do.  How hard is it to understand video games aren’t my only interest in life?

  • 1) it’s hilarious reading these! I’m sorry, but from an outside perspective, it’s too ridiculous NOT to chuckle at.2) tbh, I haven’t been in a gamestop in a while, but knowing people/having friends REALLY helps to know our generation isn’t as biased. I had a couple of girl friends work for gamestop. It was neat to see them, but the rule of no chit-chatting on the job makes it awkward to me.3) at least you’re giving exposure to other people, letting others know there are people out there who play video games (and even help create them!) who happen to be women. It might be your area or the older adults around you not used to…well, something they should have been exposed to a while back.

  • I just think it is sad that some people still think that women can’t be gamers too and seeing comments like that annoy me.That being said, I haven’t been to a gamestop in 4 or 5 years. Before that, however, I went to gamestop quite often and I only ever remember seeing two women working at any of the gamestops I went to.

  • @GodlessLiberal – lol, I suppose. Could be a few other reasons other than assuming ignorance of their job.@wizexel22 – Honestly, the older the customers are the sweetest in most cases. It’s more middle-aged men/women that tend to act rudely.@lanney – Usually places like that are open to women, too. It’s just geared more towards men because of the the sexual majority. It’s still obnoxious, though. Lol@RazielV – Truth. I always ask what types of games people play before recommending, but it’s an obvious technique. Not to mention of time saver rather than having to go through the “Naaah…not really into those types…” and what not.@TheTheologiansCafe – Haha, oh really? I can actually believe that. I rarely see men using it.@okitapieds – I worked at a different GameStop for about a year and I never dealt with issues like these there. Location, location. :/@xsimplepleasuresx – There are always some people that give that slight air of “Psh…really? You don’t know that?” when you ask them…it’s a shame.@Tomorrow_is_yet_to_come – I agree.@Shining_Garnet – Before I worked at GameStop, I only ever saw one female employee. There are a decent amount of women who work at the stores in my district though, which is nice. :]

  • We keep trying to get women to join our RPG group, but they are far and few in between who want to play. Aww who am I trying to kid. Most guys don’t play D&D either. Years ago my group consisted of three women and four men. One woman was blind from birth and another in her 70’s! It was an awesome group to play with!

  • To be fair I cant believe it when I see chicks working at gamestop too. Women for the most part just don’t like video games. I did laugh at the first woman though she won the insensitive Dick award.

  • @ShimmerBodyCream – Moi aussieThe only thing I don’t like about female game store employees is they talk to moi way too much. Not exaggerating, I was hit up for 45 mins once on PSP vita and how awesome it is, RPG’s, and Figma toys. Most of the time I enjoy the banter from my femme gamer extraordinaires. Only they never cease to let moi browse the inventory unlike the male employees who never ask moi anything…unless they are attracted to my massive sexual aura (can’t help that). I think most assholes gamers are FPS related. They don’t interact avec les femmes very much online and when they do, they confuse them with nine year old boys (blame it on the lame mic quality). So of course they think they are gods at their games and girls shouldn’t know anything about them. However most male gamers I know stereotype girls into only liking RPG, and fighting games and then get jealous when a girl beats them at their craft. Perhaps it’s the testerone overload when being competitive. I myself typically get mad at Giselle when she plays as Pikachu in Brawl (stupid rat).In the end, there’s the realization that men will soon be outclassed in every sport, game, art… With the exception of eating contests and excessive drinking. Biology let’s us have an unfair advantage (faster metabolism and heavier weight to allow larger consumption of alcohol). What a win those last two are…>_>

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