In the aftermath of Irene…

Published August 29, 2011 by ABadKitten

There are certain moments in life that you realize how truly lucky you are. It’s a shame that it sometimes takes those moments to hit close to home for us to realize that.

Hurricane Irene was devastating to so many people in so many areas. The town I used to live in got the worst flooding it has ever had since I’ve been in this world. The house I used to live in is completely under water. I’m very lucky.

My aunt, uncle and cousin had lived in a house that was undamaged (aside from one uprooted tree at the bottom of their yard). They moved into a house a few weeks ago which is, as of now, under water. They are not so lucky.

A lot of my friends, old friends, old school mates have no houses right now because…you guessed it…they are under water. One of them actually had a tree fall through their roof during the storm plus flooding which happened later on. They are not so lucky.

I have gotten word from almost all of my friends and family and now know that they are alive and well. Their lives are going to be very difficult for a while, but they are still alive and well. I’m very lucky.

There are a lot of people scattered throughout the states that lost their lives in the hurricane for one reason or another, and will not be able to report back to their friends and families that they are well. They are not so lucky.

A house close to one of my uncle’s was literally leveled after it exploded. They must have forgotten to turn off their pilot light or some other important fixture and when the house flooded, their lives were destroyed. They are not so lucky.

I was “trapped” in the house with my father, step mother, step sister, and my boyfriend, lucky enough to have them close to me–safe and sound. I’m very lucky.

A child was swept away and drowned, as did the firefighter who succumbed to injury after trying to rescue him. They are not so lucky.


Some places didn’t get hit nearly as badly as other places, and some people were a lot more fortunate than others this weekend. My thoughts go out to everyone who was affected. I wish you all well. heart


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