Living to die–Dying to live.

Published August 4, 2011 by ABadKitten

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I see people every day who go through their daily lifestyles like robots, mechanically functioning in the same fashion every day. Then there are the people who wake up anew every day, undecided about what will go on that particular day. I’ll just call them “free spirits”. You can have a job, a mortgage, and kids and still be a free spirit. You can also have a job, a mortgage, and kids and be a robot. It all depends on how you decide to live your life and how you decide to view your life.

Just going through your daily routine without feeling, hitting each and every mark on your schedule “as usual” is no way to live life. It’s no way to experience life, as a matter of fact. I would rather have no inkling of the events of a day when I wake up then know exactly what I’ll be doing each and every moment. Sure, once in a while a scheduled day is nice…it’s clean, crisp and cut…but not every day. Where is the excitement in that?

As of right now, I’m mechanical–I’m a robot. As of right now, I don’t really have a choice. That’s probably why my career path has changed so dramatically.

I used to look at people dressed in suits, holding a brief case, texting on their Blackberry (the stereotypical business person) and think “Shit, I never want to be that.” Now I look at those people and think “Shit, I’m almost exactly like that.” At least, getting very close to becoming so. That is not what I see for myself in my future and that is not what I ever want to be.

I feel like I’m living to die– just going on daily with the same old routine, not really happy with life. I never expected myself to be one of “those people”, yet here I am. Granted, it won’t always be this way. That I’m sure of.

It’s hard not to get into a routine, though, especially during the work week. However, it’s during the work week that I can so easily spot the “free spirits” in the crowd of robots. It’s not even all that hard. Change it up once in a while. It’s healthy.


Don’t live your life mechanically.




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