Would you survive?

Published July 24, 2011 by ABadKitten

Moaaa…*gurgle* Moaaa… *gurgle* MoawahAAAA…

I’d like to think that’s what I would sound like if I were a zombie. It seems my vocabulary would lessen quite a bit, though. As would my hygiene…and oh-so-glamorous appearance.


The Walking Dead is a freakishly amazing series. It was first a comic series but was turned into a show. I never got to watch it before recently because I don’t get AMC anymore in my room, but I bought it at Target the other day and fell in love. Zombies have always been a thing of mine, so I got sucked right in. It’s probably because the idea of humans getting “reanimated” after death due to some type of disease doesn’t sound all that farfetched to me. I could see it happening…

And if it did? How close do the zombie movies and the zombie video games get to the real deal? Obviously, there would be utter chaos, mass death, and world-wide panic if a zombie apocalypse ever really did come to be. Other than that though…can you picture it? Would you be one of those survivors that the movies and games are based around?

Without fail, every time I see a zombie movie I always think “Would I be one of these people?” It sort of sucks for me because my answer is usually something like, “Nope. You’d get your neck ripped out within the first week.” I guess I don’t really have that much faith in myself, ha. I really would like to think I would be a survivor, though. Then again…most people would. Aside from the not-so-few of us who would rather kill themselves than try at a seemingly impossible survival…or the other few who would give in and become one of the walking dead. Thanks for the support, guys. whatevah

Would you have what it takes to survive in a zombie apocalypse? I think I would have what it takes, honestly. The only reason I don’t think I would survive very long is because I’m accident prone and a super klutz. I would either fall down a latter to the mass of hungry demons below, trip and fall while trying to outrun a frenzied horde, or fall down a flight of stairs and break my neck. You know, something stupid. Because I tend to do things like that.

Seriously now. Do you think you would survive?



4 comments on “Would you survive?

  • @carlo – I have mixed feelings about it I think. I’m pretty sure it would wreck my sanity, but I would want to try to survive. If I couldn’t, though…I’d off myself. I wouldn’t want to be one of those things.

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