R.I.P Borders: A Beloved Friend

Published July 22, 2011 by ABadKitten


Borders, my favorite bookstore of all time, is closing its doors for good. It depresses me so much because that was always the book store I would go to…it was also the first book store I ever went to with my grandmother. Barnes and Nobles is nice, the little private bookstores are great, but Borders was the top of the tier to me.

After thinking about it for a minute, I wondered why Borders had suffered so much and Barnes and Nobles was still fine. Everyone blames e-readers…which I can sort of understand. Blaming e-readers completely would be folly but it would also be blaming myself. I have a Kindle and it’s like my child! I love my Kindle, but there were still a few books I would buy paperback for what ever reason. I think it was simply to support bookstores.


Barnes and Nobles has its own e-reader. You buy books directly from Barnesandnobles.com, so they make money off of the sale of the reader and the sale of the book(s) you buy. That’s not to mention the sale of the movies, art supplies, music, coffee, cookies, and e-reader accessories that they sell a wide variety of. Borders never came up with their own e-reader and it makes me pretty upset because I would have jumped on that like a hooker on crack. I’m not the only one either…Borders sold the Sony E-Reader which really didn’t make them any money. You don’t download books directly from Borders.com with that e-reader, so I feel like it hurt more than helped their company.


Why didn’t you put out the money to create an e-reader, Borders?! I would have bought it and so would so many of people! You might still be standing tall…if only. I’ll never forget you! I feel so sorry for all the people who are losing their jobs because of this sad reality.


On a little of a happier note… Wednesday was my and my boyfriend’s 6 1/2 anniversary. We both worked on Wednesday so our little celebration was moved to today. Beach and then a nice dinner. Enjoy your heat wave everyone!


One comment on “R.I.P Borders: A Beloved Friend

  • I wrote a post about Borders too. I’m so sad it’s closing. It is my favorite bookstore.It might have to do with e-readers somewhat, but I don’t know. I don’t have an e-reader myself. I like having the actual books and I don’t care if they take up space. I just love books lol

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