Non-Anonymous Secrets

Published July 18, 2011 by ABadKitten

Do you only let out your secrets to the people you’re close to?


(Well-deserved credit)


I don’t like secrets anyway so I’ll make myself feel better by making them a little less…secretive.

  • I still watch the Disney Channel.
  • I’m a game nerd at heart.
  • I’ve walked in on a family member masturbating.
  • One of my ex-friends said something absolutely horrible to me, and I actually believe she was right. (Something I’m going to have to change!)
  • I’ve written my share of fanfiction. About Legolas Greenleaf from the Lord of the Rings. (I was always the love interest.)
  • I get that urge to jump from high places a little too often.
  • People in general are one of my pet peeves yet I’ve always been in customer service jobs, I’m usually the one initiating conversation, and I’m very friendly towards strangers.
  • I’m a member of P.E.T.A., but I keep that a secret because of the reputation most members have created for the organization. (I’m not one of those types of members, by the way…)
  • Although, I’m legitimately afraid that I’ll witness someone seriously abusing an animal and get life in prison for murder in the first degree.
  • I give out advice left and right but I’m the last one to follow it. (I’m not even sure if that’s a secret because a lot of people are that way…)
  • I can’t picture myself having a good life and it scares the hell out of me. I hope I’m wrong.
  • I’m a giant disappointment to my family. At least, that’s how I feel.
  • I would have Bethany Frankel’s babies. If that were possible.
  • I’ve been roofied.
  • I cried for 3 hours after running over a chipmunk.
  • I also refused to drive down that road for a week, referring to it as “Death Lane”.
  • I was basically a 13-year-old alcoholic until I watched a video of one of my “big brothers” beating some guy nearly to death after catching him trying to take me behind a shed. Hello eye-opener; hello moronic 13-year-old.
  • I used to watch porn simply because I wanted to find some more moves to use on my boyfriend.
  • I’ve been with my boyfriend for 6 1/2 years this Wednesday and our sex life has yet to get stale or need any “spicing up”.
  • I haven’t admitted my sexual encounters with girls to my boyfriend, so he thinks I’m only “bi-curious”. They happened before we started dating but, for some reason, I’m embarrassed to tell him about them. Odd, because he’s admitted to fantasizing about it.
  • I’m slightly nervous to see how many people actually view this entry because it’s not anonymous, although most of these secrets aren’t all that bad.


I like reading @CONFESSIONSandSECRETS from time to time. I’ve also submitted a secret or two to them…but sometimes it feels better to unveil secrets without anonymity. Plus, it can also be difficult and embarrassing to do so, and I find that humbling in a way.

Can you do it?


22 comments on “Non-Anonymous Secrets

  • “I’m a game nerd at heart.”Wow, you seem like a great catch.”I’ve been with my boyfriend for 6 1/2 years this Wednesday and our sex life has yet to get stale or need any “spicing up”.”Well, never mind that now.”I’ve written my share of fanfiction. About Legolas Greenleaf from the Lord of the Rings. (I was always the love interest.)”Cute.

  • Yeah, PETA seriously pissed me off one day by telling me in my student union that eating chicken was tantamount to the holocaust. Having lost family members in the holocaust, I took this rather badly.

  • @GodlessLiberal – Wow really? I would take that badly also because I probably lost family members there too. OP:Sometimes it is better to do it this way…and sometimes it’s better to do it anonymous. I think it really depends. 

  • @Pink_TeaCups –  Thanks!@SlackerSociety – Love for the game nerds, hm? Right on. @GodlessLiberal – Wow. o.o Yeah, it’s things like that that make me embarrassed to admit that I’m a member. I’m in it to fight the people abusing animals, not to abuse people for making their own choices. I’m a passive aggressive vegetarian, lol.@Hinase – It really does. It depends on whether you feel like being daring…or if you’re more into keeping things initiate. I walk on both sides of the equation… ‘cept for tonight.

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