Homosexuality, Religion, and life.

Published June 30, 2011 by ABadKitten


Everyone has their own opinions, their own lifestyles, their own beliefs. I’ve said many, many times how much I value such things and how much I respect the opinions and beliefs of others. No one person is the same and I love that. Everyone stands by their own belief whether it be about religion, politics, fashion, sexuality, etc as they should because they have the right to do so.

I have my own beliefs, just as you do. The person living in the house next to me has their own opinions, as do we all. The family down the street lives their own way as do each and every one of us. It’s fact, it’s simple, it’s life. I would never walk over to my neighbor’s house, knock on their door, and throw red paint in their face because I’m a vegetarian and they aren’t. Why? First of all, I have the ability to understand that not everyone will believe in the same things I do. Second of all, I respect how other people choose to live their lives. Third, I’m not an asshole. I guess that’s pretty simply stated as well.

What drives me out of my mind and makes me want to rip my hair out is the fact that I cannot, for the life of me, comprehend how and why there are people out there that would do that. I’m not necessarily talking about vegetarianism here, either. I’m talking about the hot topic of the week, gay marriage; I’m talking about religion; I’m talking about nationality. I’m talking about…every single thing that we, as individuals, could possibly disagree on.

I don’t like confrontation, generally speaking, because I don’t believe anything good comes out of it. All that happens is both parties get pissed off, feel insulted, and close their minds even more to what the other is trying to express. Conversation, on the other hand, I live for. For example, I’ve had quite conversations about my religious beliefs or my view towards homosexuality with extremely devout Christians and we didn’t tear the living hell out of each others beliefs. Granted they didn’t understand how in the world I supported homosexuality, but they didn’t out right insult me for thinking that way either. I could even call conversations that I’ve had on the same topic debates…which I’m also fine with. As long as the person/people I’m debating with can have a little class as well.

It’s frustrating when I find myself ripping into another person because they got my blood boiling by speaking to me condescendingly or telling me that how I personally believe is wrong. I don’t like doing it, not at all…but it’s absolutely mind-blowing when I hear someone tell someone they are wrong because their beliefs or opinions are not the same as their own. I don’t understand it and I never will.

Obviously, we are not all capable of respect. We are not all capable of understanding, open-mindedness, or flexibility. Honestly, I don’t care if you think homosexuality is the worst sin of all sins and “God hates fags” or what ever. I have never changed the mind of one person who thinks that way and, quite frankly, I probably never will. Does it make me angry? Of course, because speaking like that and treating people in such a way goes against how I was raised, how I try to live my life, and everything I stand for. However, that’s what you believe and how you life your life. Fine. But do not cut me down (or anyone else for that matter) because they don’t share your same stance. Share your opinions, speak your mind, but do not degrade someone for having a different view on things. You are not higher, you are not mightier, and you word is not absolute.

You create the problem. Show a little respect.


4 comments on “Homosexuality, Religion, and life.

  • @cryingdevil999 – Yup. I try to…but there are certain things that set me off and it’s hard to reel myself back in. Especially when it comes to something like religion and homosexuality where someone quotes the hell out of what ever religion text they read and expects that to mean anything to me..then the arguments ensue. It’s frustrating. 

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