NYC Gay Pride Parade!

Published June 29, 2011 by ABadKitten

Last Sunday I attended the Gay Pride Parade in NYC. It was, I must say, the most colorful endeavor I’ve ever experienced. It was also the most interesting.

My boyfriend and I went with a few friends and one of their mothers, so our group was 2 gay, 2 straight, and 3 bi strong. Packing all that into one car to drive into the city wasn’t the most comfortable ride, but we managed. The cops paid us no mind, though. We figured it was because we were blasting Lady Gaga’s “I Was Born This Way” out of our open windows so they probably knew where we were going. Plus, when we actually stopped to ask where we could park all day for cheap, one cop walked over to us, looked in the back seat, complimented my extremely rainbow eyes and smiled. He knew. He knew.

Anyway, once we actually parked and figured out where the hell we were going (we ended up just following the group pictured below ), I got my chance to exhaust my camera. It’s New York City so I was pumped to see some awesome sights, but I got way more than I expected. I ended up taking 350 pictures (a nice chunk were of random crowds of people either watching the parade or in the parade) and 5 videos. At the end of the day, I was an extremely happy (and exhausted) Amber. I’m quite pleased with all my pictures, some of which I can’t post on Xanga due to the graphic content, but even still!

heartThe lovely group of men that led us to the right place!heart


There were people walking all over the place before the parade (and probably during, I’m not sure) selling tiny, medium, and large gay pride flags, bracelets, necklaces, bubbles, etc. This is where the magic started and what eventually led us to the greatest Gay Pride Parade experience. We each bought a little something (I bought myself a bracelet, a medium flag, and a huge flag) and all but two of us bought the gigantic flags. My boyfriend waved his proudly, but we chose to wear ours.

heartBecause they’re gay (and straight) super heroes!heart

Right when we wrapped ourselves in our colors, we had people coming up to us asking what group we were marching in. I just sort of blinked and let my friends mom do the talking…but it ended up with us following another small group who were wrapped in gigantic flags just as we were right into a gigantic crowd of groups that were waiting to march. It was pretty awesome! We got to meet some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met in my life…and we got some vodka. Who can complain?



heartEven his poodle and his bird were showing their support.heart


heartHe and his bridal friend below were so ridiculously sweet.heart

heartI wanted that bouquet so badly!heart

After standing around for a while and taking a million and a half pictures, sounds of the parade could be heard in front of us. Miggy, my friend’s mom, grabbed me by the arm and shoved through the crowd of people so I could get my short self up front. Plus, I was the only one of us who actually remembered a camera…and I don’t really count iPhones.  



I guess people are pretty impressed by our flag wraps because the pictures and the videos kept assaulting us. Not that we minded. winky I even had one gentleman step out of the parade to take my picture. It was extremely flattering.

heartHe must have liked my colorful flag toga!heart

After a while of watching, the LGBST Community of New York City came up. This is where the magic happened. A few people who were marching looked over at us, screamed, ran over to us to hand us these little pom pom things that everyone in that group were waving, and dragged us in with them. We got to march in the parade!

heartOne of the thousand photos I took during our march!heart

Apparently, we were one of the biggest groups as people kept being brought in to march. Since we were the biggest, we were also the loudest. There was a truck driving in front of the ever-growing group that was blasting various music (mainly Lady Gaga, surprise surprise) to which we felt the combined need to dance manically to while screaming and waving our little pom pom thingies to the beat. Pride is contagious. The people on the side were going wild, too. It was so much fun! We ended up walking from 6th and 39th to Christopher, sweating our asses off in the heat, and not giving a damn whatsoever. Honestly, regardless of the walk and the heat, the main reason we were tired is because we hadn’t eaten anything during or before the parade. Plus, we only had a little bit to drink during as the truck behind us was tossing water bottles out for everyone.

And by the way, there were people there that were standing in the parade as it was going by handing out cups of water. They were ministers, priests, and nuns. Different churches and sects even had their own banners set up on the side lines congratulating everyone on the legalization of gay marriage in New York and were happy to show their support. I saw one woman dancing on the sidelines, dressed up in rainbow garb cheering us on while holding up a sign that said “I’m a licensed minister!” Stick that in your cake holes. No hate to be found…aside from the two times I heard booing going on. I doubt that lasted very long, though, assuming they valued their well-being.

All in all, that Sunday was one of the best of my life. I’m incredibly glad I got to go and extremely honored that I got to partake in the parade itself! I can’t wait for next year.

heartTwo adorable brides-to-be. The brown haired one couldn’t stop giggling. They were so cute.heart

heartHe couldn’t contain himself.heart

heartHaha, I loved this guy!heart

heartPride everywhere to be found.heart

heartDo you get it?heart

heartHe had the most BAD ASS hat! And yes, he’s covered top to bottom in pink glitter.heart

heartMr. Sexy Shoesheart


heartThese two walked with us the entire way! I love it.heart







10 comments on “NYC Gay Pride Parade!

  • Dear Amber,This looks mah-veh-lous. I’ve never seen a gay pride parade. We have some big ones here in both Long Beach, L.A. and West Hollywood. (And sadly, now that I’m interested after seeing your photos of NYC, all ours are over. Oh well, always next year!)Your story of your participation is just as neat as looking at the photos. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog, leaving a comment, and recommending my latest parody entry.I’d better leave since I seem to be fixated on your tumbling “pandies”. Michael F. Nyiri, poet, philosopher, fool

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