I love my dad.

Published June 19, 2011 by ABadKitten

I had gotten my father a digital camera for his birthday in April. I figured it was nice because he and his wife would usually ask me for mine when they went out to events or dinners. Plus, it’s cherry red like his Cadillac (which, fyi, is his BABY!). So, for Father’s Day I got him one of those digital frames which sort of partners with his birthday present. It holds up to 200 pictures and has that whole slide show feature like they all do. It also has a remote control…which was weird…but interesting. He’s not all that savvy when it comes to technology, so I spent a good hour setting it up for him and showing him how to work it. I love showing him how to use technology because he gets all wide-eyed and amazed like a 2-year old seeing fireworks for the first time. Hah!

All in all, he was a happy man.

What did you get (or do) for you pops today?


2 comments on “I love my dad.

  • I try to avoid getting my dad any type of electronics.  I once got my parents a joined gift (camera) and my mom took complete control over it.  All the other electronic gadgets I have to help them with over and over again (i shouldn’t complain but it’s usually when i’m engrossed in something of my own that i get asked to help)this year we went out to eat at red lobster.  treated both mom and dad for fathers day.

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