Treats from Way-Back-When!

Published June 3, 2011 by ABadKitten

My boss and I got to talking today about “The Best Foods Ever!” from when we were kids. Oh, the memories…and oh, the crap we used to eat. I look back at some of the types of things I was addicted to when I was a kid and think “What the hell was wrong with me?” Other times I think back and miss the HELL out of some of these foods because I rarely get a chance to eat them anymore. FLASHBACK!   (Because a trip down memory lane is nice once in a while~)

Do you remember…

1. Heinz EZ Squirt Ketchup

I remember seeing this on T.V. and begging my dad to let me grab it when we were food shopping. I always loved the purple one, but I also remember getting the green one simply because my dad thought it was the most despicable thing he’d ever seen in his life. (I do believe Heinz added a blue ketchup eventually as well…though I never got to try it.)


2. Blue’s Clues Mac ‘N Cheese

It seemed pretty harmless at first glance. It’s just mac and cheese, right? Oh, look! It has blue paw prints in it! They actually turned out to be somewhat green, but I didn’t care. It was odd food AND mac ‘n cheese. Two DO’s with no DON’Ts in my little mind.


3. Screwball Ice Cream

These were my thing at camp. They were like a godsend on those hot summer days. Oh, what I wouldn’t do for one right now.


4. Spice Girls Lollipops

I was all about these! I’m pretty sure I was so into them because I got to collect the stickers and, of course, I needed at least one of each. Not to mention I was slightly obsessed with the Spice Girls. These particular lollipops weren’t my favorite of the types they had out. Do you remember the lollipops that came with the pop rocks? Yeeeeah!


5. WarHeads

“Oh yeah?! Well, I can put 4 lemons in my mouth at once!” Enough said. Which was the most sour? The debate was endless.


6. Dirt Pie

It was probably one of the more simple things that you could bring to class for your Halloween party, but no one ever cared. Dirt Pie was one of my favorite things to make for my class party in elementary school. As a matter of fact…I could kinda go for one right now.


7. Bazooka Bubblegum

It was all about the comics! And maybe a bubble or two.


8. Pager Gum

Why was I so attracted to these? I can’t really give you an answer. It could be because they were so brightly colored, or it could be because each piece had a different little message on it. Who really cares? Pager gum caught my eye, and I was a-chewin’.


9. Fruit Stripe Gum

The flavor never lasted but, honestly, I never really cared. That just gave me a reason to unwrap another tattoo and slap it on a different part of my body that didn’t have one yet. (If I could find one.) Not to mention the 5 second flavor each piece had was delicious! Especially the pink one!


10. Candy Cigarettes

Okay, so, maybe not the best idea for a kid-friendly candy…but they were still fun to play with. In a horrible way.



What was your favorite treat from way back when? :]


10 comments on “Treats from Way-Back-When!

  • I remember most of these and I was addicted to Spice Girls lollipops. I’ve always been a big fan of them so I’m sure my addiction is not surprising. If Spice Girls lollipops were still around today, I’d still buy them lol

  • i’ve had and love all of these. The candy cigs are going illegal in ALOT Of states so I actually bought 6 bulk boxes of them last Sept and still have a bunch. XD My fav oldie candy isn’t on this list.  SQUEEZE POPS!  It’s an 80s candy and my favorite.  There’s a store near here that sells the new and the old candies, so I buy them quite often. πŸ™‚

  • OMG, I used to love every single one of those things!Especially the Spice Girls lollipops. I think I still have the stickers somewhere, actually…I was a huge Spice Girls fan, lol.@Leap_toads – Squeeze Pops rock! They sell them at a few stores near me. I get them when I can. ^.^

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