Gamestop trade-ins.

Published May 24, 2011 by ABadKitten

Let’s think about this for a moment…

happy-You buy a brand new game from my store for roughly $65. You take it home, play the crap out of it, then forget about it for a few months.

silly-Those few months pass…

winky-and pass…

pleased-and pass…

stunned-and the game catches your eye one day. “Oh! I should sell it back to the store since I don’t play it anymore!”

laughing-You drive back to the store and, game in hand, walk up the the counter to inform the employee that you’d like to trade the game in.

cool-“Okay,” they say, “you’ll get $15 back.”

shocked-So, like everyone else, you flip out. “I paid $65 for that yada yada yada yada why am I getting so little back yada yada yada I want at LEAST $50 yada yada yada”

censored-The employee says, “I’m sorry, but that’s all you get back for that game.” You grab it and storm back home, in a huff.

Let me explain something to you. When you buy something from a store, that’s profit for them. When you sell something back to the store, that’s loss. They need to make more profit, so they only give you a certain percentage of the price they’ll be re-selling it for. If I bought the damn game back from you for $50 and we’re only selling it for $39.99, where the hell is the profit? It’s not rocket science people.

Let me explain something else to you. If you bought a game for a system that came out 10 years ago, you’re not getting anywhere near what you paid for it back. Why? Because you bought it 10 years ago, no on plays that god damn system anymore, prices drop as years go by/games get older/new systems come out/etc. Again, it’s not rocket science.

I can understand the anger some people have. You buy a game for $60 and you get less than half of what you paid back for it. Unfortunately, I can’t help you. There are other factors that come into place here and I’m doing my job how I’m supposed to do my job. Complaining to me about something I have no control over then screaming in my face because I’m “robbing you” is going to get you no where. Use your brain, use common sense. As the years go by, some things cost less. If you seriously can’t understand why you’re getting $1.75 for a football game that came out in 2005, a game that no one is going to buy anymore, then I’ve lost faith in the assumed functionality of your brain. Your common sense is broken.


  1. If you buy a brand new game when it’s first released: finish it fast and then trade it in as soon as possible. You get more back for certain games that way. The longer you wait, the less you’ll get.
  2. Wait until the price drops or look for it pre-owned. Technically, when you trade it back in to us, you’ll be getting more back for your money that way than if you were to buy it new.
  3. Take advantage of membership cards that offer increases on trades and discounts. Selling them helps us as employees, but there are reasons we pitch them to you. They help YOU too.
  4. Combine tip 2 and 3. 10% off the pre-owned game and 10% more when you trade it back in. Hello?

Seriously, shut the hell up. Use the thinking machine inside your fat, obnoxious head.

And one more thing…you’re complaining to me that the games are so expensive? Video games are a luxury item. If you can’t afford them, THEN DON’T BUY THEM. STOP MAKING MY JOB HARDER.


Gamestop is a corporation. I have no control over anything they do or any of their policies.










Fuck holes.




7 comments on “Gamestop trade-ins.

  • @godfatherofgreenbay – I once bought an old genesis sports game from Gamestop for 7 cents.  I wonder what the trade in value would be for that?Oh, and when I worked at an indie game store back in ’09, the store owner would refuse to trade sports games that were more than two years old.  Gamestop was generous to you.

  • @godfatherofgreenbay – Well, at the time I bought the game it was after Gamestop bought out Rhino Games, which was a billion times better than Gamestop because they dealt with older games too.  So Gamestop had all of these old games that Rhino was selling and was trying to get rid of em by selling them at 75% off the already low marked price.  I bought like 20 games for 8 bux.  Good times.

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