Religion, Abortion, and Insanity

Published August 20, 2010 by ABadKitten

The immaturity astounds me! I sort of figured since most of the people I’ve seen or know on here are 18+ that I wouldn’t be watching grade school children on the playground. Disliking someone simply because their opinions or beliefs are different than your own is a new level of ridiculous.

“Oh, you’re pro-choice? I’ve lost all respect for you! *defriend*”

“Wow, you’re an Atheist? I hate you. *block*”

Give me a break. whatevah Since when does everyone have to have the same view of the world that you do in order to deserve your respect? Last time I checked, everyone is different, everyone has their own opinions, and everyone has a mind of their own. I hate to break it to you, but not everyone you come in contact with is going to 100% agree with you on everything. You shouldn’t expect that and you should respect their own beliefs as they should expect your own!

Granted, disliking someone who is trying to force their beliefs on you or automatically degrades you for your own beliefs is a completely different story. These things I say here don’t apply to people like that, but for crying out loud…don’t be one of them! Not everything is cut and dry, not everything has a “right” answer! Being adults (most of you), I shouldn’t have to tell you so!

These things shouldn’t even have to be said, but apparently they do have to be said. Grow up, treat people how you want to be treated, and get over the fact that you’re not going to like everything you hear!


On another note, I smashed my ankle on the side of the bed. Have a nice day!


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39 comments on “Religion, Abortion, and Insanity

  • Abortion is not some flippant issue or just a difference of opinion. Or would you say that someone who molests children (I use that example because that is something most everyone detests) just has a difference of opinion? And they should be allowed to make that choice without it having any affect on my view of their personal character? How can I have such a flippant attitude about the brutal murder of the unborn? 

  • i completely agree. i dont mind if someone has different beliefs than me. that doesnt make me look down on them or “defriend” them. its how they go about addressing other people’s beliefs. i try to be respectful of everyone no matter what they’re opinions are… and all i ask is for respect in return. but lets face it. some people just never grow up. 

  • Well said!I’m the same as both of those two types of individuals you mentioned(as far as opinions go), yet I can still respect and not block those who opinions differ from mine, no matter how ridiculous they may seem.  We can still associate and be friends and have decent conversations.  As long as we try our best to keep the conversation away from topics of the sort (that will move one or the other to use derision, ridicule, etc.) so that they don’t induce anger to the point of disrespect which can result in insults and blocking, it’s all good.  

  • @mtngirlsouth – Well considering I think molesting children has a deeper meaning that takes more evaluation (psychologically) I can’t really compare the two to that extent. To me, that’s like comparing someone who rapes 3 year olds to someone who beats their dog. Brutal murder of an unborn- Not everyone has that view. If everyone viewed it as a brutal murder, I doubt there would be such a high number of people who do it. I don’t think the view of a person respectively should be completely and utterly dissolved simply because they don’t see something in the same light as the other person.@SerenaDante – I know, right?

  • Oh I so love the block list. I must like it because I am on so many of them. The only reason I have ever been blocked in recent years is because I disagree with them. What is really strange it that most of the time I never even commented on their site before.  I only find out that I am blocked because I followed a recommendation.

  • @maniacsicko – My bed frequently abuses me. We’re not really friends.@NadoAngel – I agree. There have been a few instances when I didn’t like a person because of their beliefs, but that’s because they tried to forcefully push them on me. Actually, it wasn’t because of their beliefs now that I think about it…it was their actions.@bluepillorredpill – Haha, right. That’s why I normally tend to just sit back and watch rather than comment on most topics like these. I just had a rant to get out, so voila!

  • @Pandiie_Bear – Well, your post made me think of a comment I left on Dan’s. And in his case, he claims he is pro life. So that makes a big difference. And also, the fact that a person is so selfish that another life has no value to them also has a big impact on their character. Anyone who can look at the pictures of aborted babies and not be disturbed, well that alone says a lot about them.

  • @trunthepaige – And that’s kinda pathetic!  As if the only comments you’re going to make or topics you’re only ever going to talk about is something they disagree with all the time!  Those who block you for just that one reason of disagreeing with them (respectfully) tells me that they’re very closed minded.  Silly and shallow!  Sounds like they didn’t even give their selves a chance to know you.  Sounds kinda prejudice to me.  *shrugs*

  • It’s because most of the population is quite narrow minded…and refuse to see or accept something that’s not their own ideals or own opinions. It’s quite sad and I’ve seen this in my family and just all around. The worse thing you can do is be narrow’s always good to be opened minded so you can take in new ideas and explore..because without exploring life..and learning from can you grow as a person?I have many friends and most of them don’t believe in many things that I do..but still I accept them as I should do etc; but it’s sad because they are adults..but most don’t act like it..hmm

  • Great post!I hear a lot “You’re an atheist? I can’t take you seriously because being an atheist requires more faith than being religious.” And all I can do is roll my eyes. Also, *shakes fist at bed* !-sc

  • @mtngirlsouth – By not taking it personally and realizing that the decisions other people make regarding their bodies and health are separate from you?Let me put it this way: if your pregnancy is no one else’s business, doesn’t it stand to reason that theirs isn’t yours, either? You are coming from a place of caring and love, which is a very good place, but there’s only so much you can change, even with the best of intentions.

  • I blocked some dude who was calling me illogical and saying I was denying the truth (the truth in his mind, being religion) and I told him to stop or be blocked.  He ignored my warning.  I blocked him.  I don’t have to take insults on my blog.

  • @ZombieMom_Speaks – I am so glad you understand where I am coming from. Reducing it to the mother’s body doesn’t change what is going on. We are not talking about getting a shot, or removing a tumor. We are talking about ending the life of another human being, very brutally so. Abortion stops a beating heart.

  • If more people thought like this, everywhere, not just Xanga, would be a better place.I find it ironic that the first two commentators were SerenaDante and Mtngirlsouth given that they’ve been at polar extremes of the must current “hot” Xanga issue this week…

  • @cmdr_keen – Extreme or not, the point is that viewpoints can be different with respect held intact.  For a prime example, I strongly disagree with SerenaDante’s viewpoint concerning abortion in most cases, partially due to personal circumstances…but nonetheless, I think she’s a pretty awesome individual and I have no problem respecting that she doesn’t see things the way I do.

  • it’s how we grow – disagreeing. agreeing gets us nowhere but to find someone who’s on your side. should we disagree in a rude manner? no. it’s called constructive criticism. the best thing you can do is ignore those who are trying to pick a fight. keep believing in what you believe in and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

  • @mtngirlsouth – Ah, well this wasn’t focused towards anyone in particular. That was just an example. Also, I have spoken to people who don’t believe “life” starts until a certain point in a pregnancy. So what if they get an abortion early on? In their mind, they’re not taking another life at that point.@Hinase – Arguing with someone like that is pointless. I’ve had quite a few conversations with people who claimed they were open-minded and unbiased…statements that were proved to be completely untrue when an argument comes up. I think some people act certain ways out of how passionate they feel about something, but it still seems a little ridiculous to me.@tgwiy – I’ve heard that more times than I can count. I don’t understand the statement “Being Atheist requires faith, too!” o.O

  • @ZombieMom_Speaks – Lol, thank you. I’m a huge klutz. Everything hurts me. I added the picture to lighten up the mood, which probably did nothing anyway. @Rob_of_the_Sky – No, I look like Igor. Minus the heavy breathing.@haloed – Tisk tisk. What a pushy, close-minded man.@cmdr_keen – I see the irony as well. @ShimmerBodyCream – I DO TOO!@Galbsadi – I’m glad you think that way.@jomichelle – Well said.@starlightserenity – Thank you. :]

  • I agree with you although there are some times which I do unsub and unfriend so that I don’t have to read about 1 subject all the time.  Sometimes you can’t tell if a blog is going to be well rounded or not.  When you read the same things over and over again it sometimes seems like that someone is trying to convert you to whatever subject it’s about.  

  • I don’t have a problem with people who disagree with me, but I have very little patience for people who don’t know how to express their disagreement respectfully. The name-calling and petty insults over some minor issues (excluding the abortion issue) is more than a little ridiculous.

  • Most people never do mature. At least, in my experience. Not in the sense we’re talking about, here. I and many of the more mature, rational people I know, have always been mature and rational. I don’t know where we (people in general) ever got the idea that maturity comes with age. The vast majority of people I’ve known, never matured as they aged. They only found new ways to express the same level of maturity, and some distracting affectations to help convince themselves and others otherwise. Their fundamental personalities never changed.As for the kinds of people you’re talking about, it’s a rather complicated issue, but in the most basic way I can explain it, “maturity” is, more than anything, a measure of confidence, and some people fear the subjectivity of their own perspective more than others.

  • Sorry about your ankle :(And while I am very much a “religious, pro-life” person, Serena and everyone else has the right to their opinions and the respect we ought to extend to all human beings. I like to think people can be better then the name calling.

  • @NightlyDreams – I’ve never had that problem, personally, but I can understand where that would be incredibly annoying. That’s a different story as well. @Unstoppable_Inner_Strength – Unfortunately, that’s true…@sarahzthoughts – People like that are a waste of anyone’s time. I never found a point in arguing with someone who can’t be civilized and intelligent about it. @Maverick83 – I think people associate maturity with age because, normally, when you sit a 16-year-old next to a 30-year-old and discuss something like…I don’t know, education or politics…the differences in the expressions are pretty large. Not to say that’s always a fact, though. Personally, I think I’ve always been mature for my age (in most cases, anyway ) but I was brought up to be so.Well said.@rddj623 – It’s alright. It’s better now. Just another bruise to add to my many other! I’m glad you feel that way. It’s refreshing.

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