Let’s escape for a moment, shall we?

Published August 19, 2010 by ABadKitten

There’s nothing like taking a nice picture-snapping stroll through your yard in the morning. That’s a nice plus to waking up earlier than normal.

One thing that amazes me about nature is that it’s full of surprises. I’ve never seen these in my yard before and I’ve lived here for two years.

One thing that amazes me about photography is that it awakens the imagination. I don’t feel like I’m in my yard when I look at this picture. It’s a beautiful escape.


One thing that amazes me about the sky is that it never fails to take my breath away no matter the time of day, weather pattern, place, or emotion stirring inside of me.


One thing that amazes me about life is that you can find beauty no matter where you look, even if you’re not looking for it.

One thing that amazes me about this flower pot-holding bear statue is that when I looked at this picture I thought “Whoa…when did I get that close to a bear?” (I’ve taken the liberty of naming him Hero, as he watches over our little garden by the side door.)

One thing that amazes me about these particular flowers is that most amazing, delicious scent delights your nose with each light sniff. (Assuming you’re not allergic.)

One thing that amazes me about this bumblebee is its elusiveness. He took pollen from 6 different yellow flowers as I was trying to photograph him. I think he enjoyed making me double my efforts at capturing a picture of him, as he took his samples too fast for me to zoom and snap.

One thing that amazes me about our little vegetable garden is that, in the past two years that we’ve had it, we had some trouble growing vegetables. Look at our beautiful cantaloupe!

And the baby green bell peppers!

And the beautifully-maturing…hot pepper whose name eludes me currently!

Can anyone tell me what these little green things are? They smell like lemons when you crush them. They even have a similar taste!

Even after washing my hands multiple times, my fingers are still sticky from this juicy little thing.



17 comments on “Let’s escape for a moment, shall we?

  • The bee was like “This crazy bitch is trying to steal my little soul, I must get away.”And who cares what type of hot pepper it is, you have all these hot peppers, and tomatoes and we still didnt make salsa.

  • @Queen_of_You188 – Yes! When I was little, there was a place my friend and I used to ride our bikes every day. There was a huge honey suckle bush where we used to take a daily “taste”. I love them! @captivating__thoughts – At least you get a wonderful eye-full of wild life, no? We have a family of deer that live in the way back of my yard as well as…gee, I don’t know…4945098345 bunnies. And a fox once in a while. ^-^@m_kabs – It sort of looks like a watermelon, I agree xD But yes, it’s a cantaloupe. It’s very, very young even though it looks pretty big in the picture.@godfatherofgreenbay – Mmmm, I love home-grown jalapenos! Luck you. :] I’m not too sure what sort of tree that is in the first picture. :[@NightlyDreams – That’s what I thought considering they taste like lemons. They’re very round, though, and the size of, if not smaller than, a golf ball. Someone said they might be a fruity-ish thing used as a spice, but I completely forgot what they called it.@cryingdevil999 –  It was a pain in the ass to take that photo. Every time I snapped one, it would move causing it to be blurry! D< Or…it would just not be in the picture. We’ll make salsa! Calm down! I also want to make home-made salsa chips to go with it. Mmmmmm…

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