It’s Time

Published August 17, 2010 by ABadKitten

(Journal Prompt Number 6:
It’s time…
It’s definitely time to do something. It may be a new season for you in your life, or a time to make some goals, or it may just be time to relax (because it’s Saturday right?).
Draw something that represents the word time and then make a list of things that you need to do at this time in your life, or day, or week)

This time I’m going to do it differently. It’s time to make some changes–some serious changes. At some point, everyone changes. It’s part of growing up as well as an effect of going through life every day. These changes, though, may not always be for the best. At least…that’s how I feel in my case.

It was nothing to do with loving or hating myself because I think I have a healthy amount of both. However, there are certain things that I could live without being, thinking, feeling, fearing and doing. So, it’s time, indeed! Time for more change. Besides, I happen to think a little change from time to time is rather healthy. That is, of course, assuming the changes themselves are for the right reasons and done the right way. Plus, a different perspective or outlook on life is refreshing once in a while! Change can add excitement, adventure, relieve stress and brighten up your life! That, essentially is what my main goal is–to brighten my outlook on life.

Though, for now, let’s just take it one step at a time.

It’s time to…

1) Focus on school as I have never focused before.

2) Relax! Don’t stress about everything! Don’t stress so much!

3) Improve my mood. Stop being so angry all the time!

4) Put more focus on pleasing myself rather than putting so much on pleasing others.

5) Take my own advice! No more dishing it out until I, myself, can follow it!

6) Prove to myself that I’m wrong about myself.

7) Prove to everyone who has/is doubted/doubting me that they’re just as wrong about me as I am.

8) Be more supportive of my boyfriend…or, at least show how supportive I am more often! I support him and love him in everything and with everything he does, but I don’t think he realizes that. I need to learn to show it more…

9) Triple my efforts at finding a job!

10) Above all, be proud of myself for once.

One step at a time.


What are some changes you’d like to make in your life?


6 comments on “It’s Time

  • That’s a great list! Like you said one step at a time. You can do it. I’d just like to get a job, and make a little bit of money. I do need to write more, that’s a change I need to make. That and reading more.

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