Favorite Blogs!

Published August 16, 2010 by ABadKitten

(Journal Prompt Number 5:
We are all obviously bloggers right, or else you wouldn’t be here. Even if you don’t have a blog, I know that you read them.
This page is dedicated to your favorite blogs!! What are they? Are there any blogs that you can’t go a day without checking?)

In no particular order! And instead of taking a picture of my original journal entry and then explaining what it said, I figured I should just write it out. It’s much easier.

AvenueToTheReal: Witty and sarcastic, she never fails to make me laugh! Every blog entry reads as fine as silk and is as finely crafted as any piece you’d find in Le Louvre! Every time I see a new one has been posted, I giggle and grin in anticipation!

betterdesigned: Whether her posts are “Food Porn” or a magnificent piece of writing, Courtney never fails to amaze me! She’s one of the most creative and sweet bloggers I know who also has no qualms about bearing her claws if she has to! Her hands are obviously delicately-crafted yet deadly weapons as it doesn’t matter if she’s baking cupcakes, writing a breath-taking story, or painting a dresser…they call come out as perfect as perfect can be.

Blood_Grove: Craig is, by far, one of my favorite poets here on Xanga. Every time a new one hits the blog, I find myself mesmerized by his words and style, reading them over and over! He’s also the Compliment Master, as every word of praise leaves you in pleasently high spirits. A great guy and a magnificent poet, Craig is definitely one of my must-reads.

Diva_Jyoti: I don’t think I’ve ever read something of hers that I haven’t loved! The way her posts are crafted always manages to suck me in. Unique life experiences are always a pleasure to hear about and she’s chock-full of them! Not to mention the fact that she’s a complete sweetie.

HardLongEyes: Yet another one of my favorite poets that has earned my admiration. With the images, thoughts, and emotions each word evokes, it’s no wonder I’m drawn to her blog so often. I only ever hope that I can one day hone my poem-writing skills as sharply and perfectly as hers are. Each poem is a source of jealousy, admiration, respect, and inspiration from me!

imasilentheart: Not only do we share the same names, but our cats look almost exactly the same! Amber is a true poet, a breath-taking writer, and an expectionally sweet girl. She’s one of those people that you wish you had met in real life long ago because yo uknow a solid gold friendship would have sprouted. Her writing is a source of inspiration for me as well, as I’ve written many stories and poems right after reading something of hers. You have a loyal reader out of me.

Megan@revelife: The differing opinions when it comes to religion mean nothing to me when it comes to Megan. I’ve always enjoyed her writing even if I haven’t always agreed with it. She’s a very talented and intelligent girl who knows very well how to hold her own and refuses to back down. Those are some of the many sources of my admiration of her!

MoistLipsChappedHearts: Another amazing poet that inspires me more often than not! Each poem written by this talented girl creates stories in my head so magnificant that I revisit them more than once. A true poet, her words are so easily understood and so geniously phrased that each emotion is so painfully real to me as I read them! (And that’s an extremely good thing.)

Paul_Partisan: Love him or hate him, no one who has read anything of Paul’s can deny the fact that he has touched them in some way with his words–be it negatively, positively, or both! He’s been involved in so much drama and the source of so much laughter that I can’t help but to constantly wonder to his blog in curiosity! When you push past all the drama and negativity and actually read what he writes, it’s absolutely amazing. A fantastic writer, a funny and sweet guy, and a provoker of the drama llama, there’s way too much to Paul to go ignored.

Queen_of_You188: I kidnapped her in Xanga Falls, so you know she’s one of my favorites. Nani is seriously one of the funniest girls I’ve ever met. Her writing is beautiful, her humor is uplifting, and her heart is as pure as gold (no matter how much she says otherwise!). She was also one of the first friends I made when I came back to Xanga, so she holds a special place in my heart!

Rob_of_the_Sky: Whenever my mood isn’t as high as I’d like, all I have to do is read something of his and it’s immediately lifted to incredible heights! Rob is awesome and he NEVER fails to make me laugh. I still hold my stance when I say he should have been Miss Xangamerica (even though I’m so happy for suggestivetongue! ) because he has everything the title expects plus some!

SerenaDante: Where do I begin? When I came back to Xanga, her blog was actually the first blog I read regularly. She’s a talented writer, a sweet and funny girl, a sex guru, and she’s gorgeous! It really doesn’t matter what the topic of her post is because I’ll read it anyway. Every word is alluring, every sentence perfectly pieced together, and every argument intelligently crafted! Plus, she intoduced me to the song “Fuck You Very Much”…how can I not love her after that?


I really do hate doing these things because, obviously, only certain people are mentioned and that makes me feel terrible. Just know that if I subscribed to you, I do enjoy your writing. I wouldn’t have subbed if I didn’t! Unfortunately, my hand can only take so much writing (because it’s a wimp!) and I’ve taken up quite a few journal pages so I only listed my Top 12.



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