Journal Challenge: Day 3 & 4

Published August 11, 2010 by ABadKitten
(I forgot to post day three yesterday, so I’m posting both today!)

Day 3: Write a letter to someone you love telling them why you love them.

It says:

Dear George,

Expressing myself has not always been something I was good at. I always used to hide inside myself rather than show anyone the true me. I was afraid to live life the way I wanted to and my emotions were more of a burden than anything else. That is…until I met you, love.

You bring out the best in me by letting me know it’s okay to be me–to actually just be myself. The feeling of knowing I can be loved for who I really am by people outside of my gene pool is completely thanks to you.

I smile harder, brighter, and more often when I’m in your presence. I laugh 99% of the day when you’re with me. Stress and sadness are no match for you as you can make them disappear with one simple kiss.

With everything I put you through with my mood swings, picky eating, stressful problems, and anger management issues…you still stand by me with a smile, acting as if nothing I can do can phase you.

You and I have only been together for five years but it already seems like a lifetime. A wonderful, dreamy, completely perfect lifetime.

Five years and I still feel the butterflies.

I love you my dear, sweet teddy bear.


Day Four: What does your heart look like?

It says:

At a closer, more intimate look, my heart does not look like any old heart! Then again, who would expect it to? My heart is a heart that speaks volumes in a matter of seconds– if only you ‘d just take a look.

Lined with pure gold, my heart shines brighter than the sun. Free and loving to spread warmth, you would notice two angelic wings gently caressing the air as it hovers in place. It’s not one color, oh no, but painted more colors than a Crayola crayon box could hold.

Photographs of memories–old, new, happy, sad– are scatted randomly around its surface. If you look closer, you’d also notice the pawprints, hooveprints, and all other footprints left there by the animals I’ve met and loved and the animals I’ve seen in passing. Somewhere, hidden among the snow angels, Christmas trees, Disney movies and strawberries (probably hiding somewhere in the patches of wide-open country fields) would be a few Reese’s candies surrounded by dancing Sour Patch Kids.

If you found the door leading inside, what do you think you would find? Every animal I’ve loved, every family member I’ve adored, and every friend I’ve cherished sitting around a campfire, shrouded in moonlight and starlight as they roast marshmallows for their S’mores! George is handing out plates and laughing while I’m sitting on our own log telling campfire stories.

I’m a very corny person.

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