Ode to the “Toilet Paper”

Published August 8, 2010 by ABadKitten

Looking back at all my experiences with friendships, I notice one pattern in particular: About 95% of the time, there is at least one person who pushed around relentlessly by the entire group/clique/etc, the Omega.

This person is the butt of every joke, taken advantage more often than not, the group servant. These things were done in ways that weren’t always necessarily hurtful, but you could tell there was some serious lack of respect from the group towards that person. Basically, this person is the toilet paper with which each person in the group likes to wipe their high and mighty asses with. Yet, the Omega sticks around faithfully, taking everything they’re hit with and accepting it gracefully.

One in a while, I was this person. I say “once in a while” because I seem to be unable to say “No!”, plus I would do anything for my friends. However, I’m not devoid of self-respect or completely over-run by endless insecurities (not that all these people are, though…). In other words, I know when to put my foot down and when I do, people listen and back off. My point is, though, I understand the pressure and the overall experience of being that “Omega”.

So, to all of you who find yourself constantly at the mercy of your group of friends, I salute you! You are possibly the strongest people of them all. You put up with crap constantly, endless amounts of it, and you take it with a smile and don’t complain every step of the way. Experiences such as these will, in the long run, teach you great lessons in respect, compassion, and friendship if you allow them to.

Being someone who has gone through a terrible friendship such as that, hopefully you’ll be able to grow as a person rather than allow that experience to burden your heart and view towards others who wish to befriend you. It’s important to understand that friendship is a truly valuable thing and that it should be cherished. Since you know how terrible you felt when your “friends” treated you so horribly, you know exactly how not to treat other people. No one wants to be treated like toilet paper.

(Remember, though…everyone would be in a butt-load of trouble without you.)

30 Day Journal Challenge
Day 1!

It came out sickeningly girlie, but that’s fine with me.
I’m very disappointed with the image quality here! You can’t really see the true brilliance of all the colors meshed together in my tye-dye pattern. Blah, oh well.
Ever since I came out of my depression, I’ve become a very colorful person, so I’ll use anything as an excuse to created extremely colorful designs.
The little twisty vines are there to symbolize my life’s windy roads that make up so much of my personality, as well as my love for nature.
And the heart…well, it’s outlined in gold. I don’t have a heart made completely of gold because that seems very un-realistic to me (because there is no such thing as a perfect individual who is always pleasant. I don’t believe life allows that 100% of the time…) but the gold still exists!


18 comments on “Ode to the “Toilet Paper”

  • @crazy2love – I’ve seen some extreme instances where others aren’t as bad. It really depends on the person more than the people they surround themselves with, in my opinion. I make fun of myself a lot, too. If you can’t laugh at yourself sometimes, how dare you laugh at others.

  • @Megan@revelife – I never have been, nor do I see myself ever being the Alpha. xD I think you would have known if you were the “toilet paper”, though. There aren’t always Alpha and Omegas in groups of friends, which is how I think it should be– everyone equal.~And thank you

  • @godfatherofgreenbay – Ahh, I think I understand. Hopefully it’s not a painful experience though…@m_kabs – The “30 Day Journal Challenge” title is actually a link to thecoolwhipofthepieoflife’s entry which explains it. That’s where I found out about it.Thanks! I think about 50% of the time I use color and 50% of the time I leave it black and white. Some things just look better colorless~

  • Very cool! The colors are nifty, and I like the deeper meanings behind the details.As for the Omega thing, yea I’ve never really been there but I’ve seen people in that spot a lot. I try to keep that from happening as much as possible.

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