“Gay is not the way!”

Published July 27, 2010 by ABadKitten

It’s common knowledge that you think homosexuality is wrong, immoral, disgusting, un-natural, and a sin. It’s also common knowledge that you believe “God hates faggots” and that they’re going to burn in hell. We get it, they get it. Thank you.

What I don’t understand is your point. The protests? Yeah, what’s the point, really? Gay people don’t need to hear your screams of outrage towards their lifestyle to know you disapprove of it. They’re not going to see your signs and go, “Oh crap! God hates fags? I’d better abandon my attraction to the same sex before I end up dancing hand in hand with the devil in the fiery pits of hell!”

Screaming “Gay is not the way!” isn’t going to make them change their minds. The pamphlets you hand out to people are not going to make them give more of a crap about the life choices of a certain group. I understand freedom of speech and all that. By all means, speak your mind! Just…I still don’t understand the point of these “gay protests”. The only thing you’re accomplishing is feeding into the “Christians and the like are just close-minded and hateful!”. That’s not very helpful to the other members of your religion who don’t share that belief…nor is it going to ultimately change anything.

So, really…what’s your point?


60 comments on ““Gay is not the way!”

  • I always wonder how those people have so much free time. Like, geeze, I need to become a conservative dickwad (mind, not all conservatives are) and my schedule will open up for vast amounts of time to walk around holding a sign. As my mom would say, “I think thou protesteth too much.” (which basically is the same as saying “who smelt it dealt it” πŸ˜› )

  • Protesting wont change anything, you are right, but we are lucky to be able to protest. Do you think that all of the gay pride parades are going to change the minds of people who disagree with homosexuality? No. No more than their protest will make a gay man straight. So are gay rights parades not pointless also? Its about expression.I appreciate the fact that you support gay rights. I do as well. This post however kind of makes an ignorant argument though.@Aloysius_son – the definition of detest-to feel abhorrence of; hate; dislike intensely.It is a feeling of hatred.

  • @hintofme – I don’t believe my argument is ignorant. Protesting against someone’s homosexuality isn’t going to make them “come around”. They way these types of protests go about it only spreads hate and ignorance. Having a rally to support someone’s sexuality can go either way. It could be informative in order to bring acceptance, or it could be as poorly conducted as these types of anti-gay protests and do more harm than good. It’s the same thing for people who protest animal cruelty, abortion, or the president. Depending on how it’s carried out depends on the message, effect, and willingness of people to listen to you.I’m not sure how pointing that out is ignorant.

  • @kaylaya – I suppose I could understand so much free time if the person spent all that time with the church or other organization that put the protest together in the first place. What I couldn’t understand is why so much of that free time is filled with so much negativity when people who protest in such ways could be spending their time in other more productive ways. :[

  • @Pandiie_Bear – Right. I don’t know. I spent several hours today volunteering on a ranch that gives free horse rides to disabled kids. I’m not sure there’s much of a point trying to spread hate messages. The world is so full of bad emotions I feel shitty day in and out. 

  • It’s just a bunch of yahoo’s looking for some attention.As to your question, I think the “point” is to be as vocal as the opposition. Gay pride parade, they’ll match that with a big ol’ god hates fags parade. Some such non-sense. Which is silly on many levels, not the least of which is the rule of escalation. Each party sensing more opposition becomes more flagrant and enraged until physical fights break out. Which is a sad state of affairs for all involved. :

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