Moronic Generalizations

Published July 21, 2010 by ABadKitten

I’m not one to enjoy posts of these kinds, but I find that I can’t help myself this time. (Plus, I can’t ignore things bouncing around in my head while in the shower. It’s humanly impossible.) From everything I’ve read, from everything I’ve seen, and from everything I’ve heard, experienced, argued…there’s always the one or two people that come out with the same comment that ticks me off to no ends. It doesn’t matter if it’s about Atheists, Christians, Asians, white people, black people.

To each and every one of you: The fact that I feel the powerful urge to waste my time writing about this is entirely your fault.


Not every Atheist you meet is going:
-to want to tear your beliefs limb from limb,

-care that you believe in a religion instead of what they believe in,

-be an asshole, a prick, a foul-mouthed and/or seemingly rabid monster

-think your religion is going to be the utter destruction of the human race,

-tell you you’re ignorant and brain-washed and utterly moronic,

-give a crap about your preaching and quotation of Bible versus’,

-feel the need to get into a theological conversation with you with the main intention of insulting you every step of the way,

-be completely selfish and be absolutely devoid of care or forgiveness or good-will.
-And for the record, not every Atheist who ever believed in a religion gave up their beliefs because of some emotional “he wasn’t there for me” or “I didn’t feel the divine presence of God in my life” bull.


Not every Christian you meet is going to:
-constantly quote passages from the Bible every other sentence,

-tell you that you and everyone else who doesn’t believe in what they believe in are going straight to the fiery pits of hell to burn for all eternity,

-be a die-hard Bible-thumping maniac who will follow you to your car screaming that you are a spawn of Satan,

-spew hate speech towards homosexuals or non-Christians,

-call you a moron because you don’t believe in God,

-give a crap that you don’t believe in what they believe,

-crucify you,

-talk to you about religion in general

-be completely close-minded

-not take into consideration anything you say

Your assumptions and generalizations disgust and insult me. I don’t even know how to comment on the ignorance such statements reek of.

Hey guys, did you ever realize that not all Asians know Kung-Fu, not all white people are red-necks, not all black people live on gummy bears, watermelon, and fried chicken, Santa Claus isn’t real, cats don’t suck out your soul while you sleep, and witches don’t ride by moonlight on broomsticks?

I would love it if everyone could stop being complete and total assholes to everyone and anyone who doesn’t agree with them 100%, but, unfortunately, I can’t hold my breath for that long.


29 comments on “Moronic Generalizations

  • THANK YOU! I’m getting so tired of how Atheists and Christians pit themselves against each other. And BOTH sides are at fault. One is not more right than the other. Gah. So frustrating. And in general, amazing post. 

  • @Momo_Wakahisa – It is frustrating! I always get so insulted when I read comments like “Psh, well that’s to be expected from an Atheist” in reference to some terrible comment. I even feel insulted BECAUSE of the comment said Atheist made. Grawr.

  • I wish everyone would be nice to each other too. As far as religion goes, it doesn’t matter to me what religion the person is. I’m nice to everyone.And what do you mean there aren’t witches that ride on their brooms in the moonlite? What about movies like Hocus Pocus? Are you telling me they aren’t true?! lol πŸ™‚

  • I have to say, I love this entry for two reasons.1) It’s very accurate. I would technically be classified as an “atheist” but I hate religious discussions. In truth, I envy people their ability to believe but haven’t found that level of faith in myself (at least not yet, perhaps I will someday)2) I’ll be rooming with a girl who is extremely christian in college. She wants to put Bible verses in our room, she goes to church, she’s extremely strong in her faith. She’s asked me if it’s okay if she does so (to the Bible verses, since we share a room), we’ve had slight discussions over it (religion) but never arguments and we’ve never been disrespectful to each other – over our beliefs or otherwise. It’s very possible to get along with a christian, and she just wouldn’t be the same girl if she wasn’t strong in her faith. I love her for that, she’s one of my closest friends.

  • You forgot to add Kool-Aid to the list of things us black folks live off of. =pIn all seriousness, it’s so annoying. However, this is probably never going to end; ever since ancient times people made generalizations about the other kingdom/tribe/group/whatever. It’s what we do, we dehumanize them so that we can feel good when we hurt them, but in reality, no human being wants to hurt another human being.

  • I’m exactly like @SerenaDante – but on the other end. Unfortunately, many think that “turn the other cheek” means don’t respond when people are attacking you. It actually just means to welcome the attacks. As for generalizations, I just don’t think we should always have to go around making disclaimers saying we don’t mean everyone. Let’s just all assume no one means everyone when they say anything unless they actually say “everyone”.

  • @Megan@revelife – Yeah, there are always going to be certain times when remaining quiet isn’t the best thing for anyone. :[ Sad fact. When I wrote this post, it was pointed at people who say things like “Yeah, that’s what I expect coming from an Atheist” or “Well, same shit different Christian”. Things like that get under my skin. Just a smidge. It’s like stereotyping. *dislike button*

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