ABC’s of Amber

Published July 20, 2010 by ABadKitten

Oh, posts that become posts out of sheer boredom, how I adore you.

Always curious
Being the nosy little thing I am.
Childishness hasn’t completely left the building, because without that small
Drop, I fear a gray world would come.
Everything has beauty somewhere, and I’m always the one to
Find it.
Good thing, too, or else I think my
Heart would break every moment, everyday.
I‘m far from a lady, I
Just pretend to be sometimes…
Kindness seeps out of my every pore, inspiring
Laughter where ever I can.
Musically, I’m only famous in my shower where
Nobody but my adoring, water-drop fans will shower me with praise.
Oh, look at that… no pun intended!
People look at me, their eyes full of
Questions, because I always smile at them for no good reason.
Really though, I’m not that hard to figure out.
Simply open up a book and flip through the pages until you come across
The girl with the flowers in her hair, pearly whites glimmering even in the darkest of days,
Un-phased by the storm the ships bring in by sea and so
Very much aware of her own uniqueness.
Why hide it? I embrace it!
XD <— My face looks exactly like that when I laugh
Yellow lilies, orange lilies, any lily brings me pleasure. My favorite flower!
Zealous to the core…at least I can find some use of every letter.


15 comments on “ABC’s of Amber

  • Whenever I’m forced to do an acronym in school (I’ve made entirely too many for being in High School) I always get stuck at X, Y, Z. There’s just not enough words that start with those letters — especially in French.

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