Xanga trolls– Identified!

Published July 12, 2010 by ABadKitten

Why didn’t I catch on earlier? The identity of these malicious trolls who have been obsessing over all these poor people eluded us all because these sneaky little devils are obviously masters of disguise. But don’t fret dear Xangans, I’ve uncovered the truth–however ugly it may be.

Xanga Trolls–Identified!

No wonder I find it so hard to control my raging fits of laughter at just about anything these trolls say…they’re just so adorable!

You can’t fault them for having nothing better to do with their time though… they’re ugly little naked creatures who must get raped, molested, and robbed constantly by thieves wanting nothing more than the lovely jewels lodged into their belly buttons. You can’t find quality friends among thieves, now can you?

I can’t even imagine how many nights they spend crying themselves to sleep after giving up on brushing their long, colorful hair. Do you know how many knots those long, flowing locks must get after blowing about in the wind? Look at their puny arms and ask yourself how much trouble you would have de-tangling such a magnificent mane. A lot of trouble!

Dear reader, don’t hate the trolls, embrace them! All they need, after all, is a little love


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