Such a mystery…

Published July 10, 2010 by ABadKitten

For no good reason whatsoever, I was struck with the oddest question: Where did language come from?
I’d love to meet the group who invented the incredible form of communication that evolved from grunts and groans. Not that I’ve actually done any research from which I may get an inkling, but I figure it would be a waste of my time anyway. There would be too many “theories” and “assumptions” drowning pieces of factual information, and I don’t have the patience to piece through all of that anyway.

Why is this plastic thing that holds my water called a bottle? And why is “Hello!” a way to greet someone? I hate questions with no answers. They drive me absolutely bonkers like you cannot possibly imagine.

Language–spoken and written words–is so amazing. I don’t think I would be able to express everything I just wrote here with a few grunts, a kick to your jaw, and a howl of confusion. Not even if I had the largest brain on the planet…not to say whoever invented all these beautiful languages had the brain the size of Great Britain either. Plus, it’s not as if we don’t still use grunts and groans and a large variety of odd sounds as a form of communication anymore. Yelling “Fuck you and the horse you rode in on!” in comparison to “*growl that sounds like GRRRRRR!!” get the same basic message across.

I’m forever going to look at an object and ask myself, “Why is it called  that? Who thought of that word? Who figured out the specific order for these letters to make that word? Who put that sound with that particular letter and why? WHY?!” Always and forever. The sucky part is, unless someone successfully invents a time machine that doesn’t end up disfiguring me in some way, shape, or form…I’ll never know.


10 comments on “Such a mystery…

  • It’s even more interesting when we consider that many, if not most, animals also have their own form of language with each other. I tried to read about the origins of languages, proto-languages and such, but it became confusing and I started to wonder if I really needed to know so I gave up.

  • @Megan@revelife – Communication between animals intrigues me even more than our own languages!  I can understand how researching this specific topic would get incredibly confusing, plus who knows if it’s factual anyway? Unless you’re a history major of some sort, the knowledge of the origin of languages probably wouldn’t do anyone much good. It’s still an interesting idea though

  • I’m always baffled by how they decided to name objects… they keep inventing new things and it seems like their titles keep getting more complicated and illegible (scientific compounds and the such) but the originals had it down to an art.

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