Home Invasions

Published May 27, 2010 by ABadKitten

Around where I live, the surrounding towns included, there have been a lot of robberies lately. It’s not really something I’m used to, considering I’ve had the good fortune of never experiencing a home invasion or knowing anyone who has. It’s a scary thought…

The houses that have been targeted are the larger houses. The ones that you can tell are inhabited by people with some serious $$$…but then again, I believe Bergen County is one of the wealthiest counties in NJ…and one of the counties with the highest tax rates, but I won’t go there.

Local police departments had put out an advisory, warning the communities to keep their eyes and ears open. The people who have been committing these robberies have, apparently, gotten smarter and trickier. In other words, the paranoia that I’ve seem to “inherited” from my father pays off.

I’m sure everyone (or at least most of us) have had an experience or two with Jehovah’s Witnesses. They go door to door and hand out brochures and speak and so on and so forth, what ever. Any Jehovah’s Witness that I’ve come in contact with (or any person going around with the intention of speaking about religion for that matter…) has always been dressed in a certain way. It’s always been a nice white shirt of some sort with black bottoms in the form of pants, skirts, or even dressy capris. Only a few times have I come into contact with a person wearing a robe, but they were usually Jewish.

So, on to the point of my ramblings.

This morning, my boyfriend and I were sitting in my kitchen talking to my dad’s fiance. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw two Hispanic women walking along the edge of our yard with a clipboard and a bunch of papers. In my head, I thought “Jehovah’s Witnesses…time to make pretend nobody’s home!” but they went to the house across the street. One car in the driveway, no lights on, everyone is at work/school by that time.

So the ladies, dressed in what I feel comfortable describing as spring-ware (light-colored skirts with flower patterns on them, and light-colored short-sleeved shirts), rang the doorbell and stood there for about 5 minutes. When no one answered, I noticed the one with the clipboard jotting something down which I found odd. They walked over to the next house with had no cars at all and the same thing happened. By this time, all three of us were watching them curiously.

That’s basically when the story came out about what these robbers had been doing. It’s basically your typical neighborhood scan to see who is home during the day and who isn’t, but in a “let’s not be obvious!” type of way. After we watched them do the same thing at the third house and jot down their notes, the suspicion grew more, so we decided it would be a good idea to alert the police just in case.

They never came to our house. I figured it was because they saw us pull in the driveway as did they see me let my dog out. Kathy (my dad’s fiance) decided it more or less had something to do with the fact that we have the crappiest looking house on the block. It’s completely true, actually. We’re surrounded by huge houses and ours is tiny and shabby looking (but we have a gorgeous backyard! :P) but sometimes that pays off I guess!

It was just strange…I’ve never seen people peddling religious whatever door to door take notes. Not to mention door to door solicitation is illegal so I haven’t seen anyone doing that for quite some time. At least we have the whole “Aw, they’re not loaded” appeal going on as to not be the target of people looking for the big fish?


On a side note: a comment was brought up that Hispanic people were normally Christian, not Jehovah’s Witnesses. Is that a fact or an assumption? I honestly have no idea…


10 comments on “Home Invasions

  • I think Hispanic people can be Christians (they tend to mostly be Catholic Christians) or JWs. JW doesn’t really fit into one race or ethnicity, they try to recruit everyone. It’s illegal to solicit door to door in your state? How is that not a First Amendment issue? Not saying I support doing it by anyone, but it seems like something than cannot be outlawed. I don’t see why JWs would be taking notes :-/ You’re right to be suspicious, I think.

  • @Megan@revelife – I’m really not too certain on most thing involving religion, honestly. As for the door to door solicitation thing, that’s a good question. It’s something I’m going to look into, as a matter of fact. My dad’s fiance said it was illegal, but thinking about it now…questions, questions. 

  • Were they census employee’s? Cause I walk around and knock on doors and take notes on my clipboard all day long. Though I have my badge and census bag with me at all times.

  • I remember the entire change in policy and remember if it’s to you it is to everyone…an american principal… well, new yorkers sued the JQ organization over the peddling jesus door to door thing….and christian versus jw?  I destinctly remember believing in jesus at the kingdom hall so pardon me if I thought that was slightish sounding… andwhat happened was donation is a beautiful word and there is no suggestion of price on any magazine or book/publication now (mid eighties) because to do so implies soliciting for money… thus it isn’t illegal for approved charities to fundraise and ignore the do not call list of the united states to do so…and since there is no price listed for any publication in the jw organization it is simply what it always has been- a door to door chat to make sure you know about the right god ;)… now two things, I never once jotted down notes at any specific house…we always were told to do that at the end of the street so we didn’t look like burglars casing the joint… and I’m not nor for a very long long time attending or baptized into that faith… but yes, I did grow up that way.interesting post, i noticed you stopped by and thus HI.

  • @Pandiie_Bear – lol, it’s alright- we had notes and maps and such, i saw…better maps than the political canvasing ones i got ;0 (did that job too)  I was just noting that we did but the idea wasn’t to get caught looking the theif doing so!  I doubt your notetakers were the dreaded jesus -peddlers.

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