Those type of people.

Published May 23, 2010 by ABadKitten

Have you ever….no. Terrible way to start because I know everyone knows one. One being a person who is right no matter what on every subject regardless of whether they were arguing the opposite thing five seconds ago. Stubborn is telling your parents you don’t want to go to ballet practice and tying yourself to your bedpost with the straps of every bra you own. This is beyond stubborn!

What about the person that rips your throat out if you interrupt them, but sees no problem whatsoever with interrupting you and not allowing you to get one word out?

Let’s add the person who says they will not tolerate any racist, bias, sexist, etc terms coming out of the mouths of anyone in earshot, but feels the need to scream them aloud themselves? Jokingly, seriously, which ever.

THEN! Then, there’s the person who thinks you’re too defensive, that they were just putting their opinion out in the open because they have the right to do so, and they think you’re horrible if you don’t allow them to do so. However, if you dare to object to their opinion by stating your own, you might as well just jump off of the roof because you’re dead to them.

Does anyone know a person who has absolute, blind faith in everything, everyone, and every word spoken by the people in the government, and if you object to something/someone/etc you deserved to have a lit stick of dynomite stuffed down your throat?

Combine all of them, and you have one of the people I spent the weekend with. Knowing me, I believe I have shown the most self-control that I have EVER exhibited in my entire life.

Now, back to baking cookies. :]


3 comments on “Those type of people.

  • While reading this, I was going to comment on how horrible it is to be around somebody encompassing all these qualities. We both have the displeasure to know somebody like this, then. *sigh*

  • I heard it said once that “a wise person can entertain an idea withoutaccepting it”, I try to live my life this way. Even if you have thediametrically opposing viewpoint from mine, I will try to entertainthat perspective and understand it. This does two things. It humanizesthe other person, ant it allows for me to, while not necessarilyaccepting your perspective, truly put myself inside of it and garnermore understanding on how I could come to a similar perspective. It allows for a much more enlightened and respectful camaraderie even with those that you completely disagree with. πŸ™‚

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