“It runs in the family…”

Published May 3, 2010 by ABadKitten

Who hasn’t heard that one before? Actually…who hasn’t said it? I’ve said that a good…million some odd times? What the hell does that even mean?!

My boyfriend’s sister was biting the inside of her cheek, which caused her to make a strange face. I commented so she says, “Oh, yeah. Well it runs in the family. We all bite the insides of our cheeks.” Biting the inside of your cheek isn’t some trait encoded in your genes so how does that work? A habit that you possibly picked up from someone in your family sounds more believable to me.

I happen to have severe anger problems. My dad also happens to have severe anger problems. Does anger run in the family? Or did I just learn it from him? “Maybe it’s because we’re Italian!” (I’m not even going to get started on that one…)

My friend’s dog bites her ass. Apparently, her mother and all her brothers and sisters bite their asses too. “It runs in their family!” Or…maybe the puppies picked up gnawing on their hind ends because that’s what their mother does. Or…maybe they have fleas.

Do you see a pattern? I don’t particularly like the phrase “It runs in the family!” because it doesn’t seem to make sense to me in regards to a lot of things. I could understand a habit being common among people of the same household because people that live for an extensive amount of time together tend to pick up certain things and imitate them–whether they mean to or not.

Your brown hair runs in the family. The fact that you like to go out to strip clubs and screw as many dancers as possible, the same thing that your father likes to do, doesn’t run in the family. Maybe you’re both just pigs!

On a side note: Edible Arrangements are seriously tasty.


3 comments on ““It runs in the family…”

  • even genetics are an uncrackable code.  With all the random mutations, and not knowing which ones are going to create the next evolutionary cycle, or how they came about or why those certain members of that species developed that mutation.  Most things don’t run in the family, it’s mostly our obsessive desire to be different than our parents that ends up making us be like them.  Weird how it works.  I am not entirely sure how you break a mold, but I know that among the things that run in my family few, if any of them are things i do.  I exist in a completely different reality almost, than the rest of my family. 

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