The Bee (and some pictures)

Published April 23, 2010 by ABadKitten

If ever there was a time that I thought I could overcome some sort of fear, I never could have imagined how it would happen. In a random time, in a different place fear could pop up like a daisy out of the snow. It could be some silly fear that you can’t explain. Maybe it’s the result of some sort of trauma, or maybe you’ve just smoked too much weed. I guess that would depend on you, though.

I’m not allergic to bees. I’ve never been allergic to bees, but I’ve always been afraid of them. Bumble bees don’t even sting, they bite, yet they’re second from the top on the list of the types of bees that freak me out the most. (Wasps being number one…) They’re sort of cute it you think about it. Bumble bees are like the teddy bear in the giant hive of bee species. They have that fuzzy little coat that could have been slightly inviting if only you weren’t so afraid you’d either a) crush the poor thing or b) end up running to the sink and soaking your throbbing finger under the faucet.

I stalked a bumble bee today, in my backyard while I was wondering around taking pictures of the beauty today brought. It’s gorgeous out…absolutely gorgeous. Today is one of those days that nothing seems to be able to bother me all that much. These past few months have been so incredibly stressful that I’ve been finding way too many gray hairs sprouting out of my scalp…I’m going on 21. It’s a terrible thing to be finding so many…but today I think they’ve receded for some time.

I grabbed my camera and scampered around my yard, looking for the right places or the right moments to snap a few off. There’s a patch in my backyard (a lot of patches actually…) that are nothing but tiny little purple flowers. Honey bees and bumble bees are drawn to it like AA members to an All-You-Can-Drink Keg party.

For what ever reason, my eyes were glued to this one particular bumble bee. I followed it in a tiny circle as it flew from tiny flower to tiny flower, paying me no mind. The other bees were getting annoyed…but for once I wasn’t worried about getting stung. I got closer and closer to the little guy and it got closer and closer to me. Eventually, I just plopped my butt into the grass and watched it. I decided to call it Buzz, because I was a super creative person just then. It sat on my shoe for a mila-second, realized there was no pollen to be sampled, and made it’s way to a different patch.

Have you ever sat down in the grass a few inches from a bee and really didn’t give a crap if it stung or bit you? I can’t say I have, other than today. I wasn’t afraid of the two or three wasps that made their way over either. I just took a few pictures than made my way back in the house.

I give myself a thumbs up for bravery and idiocy. Although, it’s not like I’m allergic anyway.

The pretty tree outside my bedroom window.

The chicken coup in our yard. When our landlords lived here, they had a bunch…now it’s just a storage place for their friends to keep their crap. While we’re living here. Rude.

From an ant’s perspective!

I figured I should take a picture before the deer devour it. :]

What a gorgeous day.


22 comments on “The Bee (and some pictures)

  • Bumble bees freak me out, too! I think it’s just because of how friggin’ huge they are, lol. But in a way they’re really cute, too. Lovely pictures. I really like the ant’s perspective. πŸ™‚ Neato πŸ˜€

  • @pianomusicchick – I think it’s the buzzing that gets me with them. When ever I hear it, I go insta-wuss. :O Haha.@breaking_expectations – It would be even more amusing if, while, jumping and taking off, he threw his hands in the air and screamed like a little girl. ;D @Blood_Groove – They eat our tulips. We only have a few in the front garden which they don’t usually go by, but when they feel like wondering up there, *poof* no more tulips!@Passionflwr86 – It seemed fitting in a completely irrelevant way. Haha~@And_I_love – That’s ok. I’ve been MIA unfortunately. Thank you though ^-^

  • If you were a flower …  perhaps you should be afradi of the bees taking your nectar. With so many flowers around must be difficult for the bees to choose what to take.Beautiful  photos.

  • @carlo – If I were a flower, I’d want bees to land on me! They would be assisting in the making of the next generation of me. Haha. And thank you. :]@black_ice17 – Thanks. It’s my favorite out of these few too. I took a few more, but they didn’t come out in the same way. It was the best out of them. πŸ˜€

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