What a lovely capital…

Published April 2, 2010 by ABadKitten

When you watch a news channel, the majority of the stories are normally horrible and depressing. That’s to be expected. There is always crime, there is always death, and there are always horrible people doing horrible things. Once in a while, though, you come across a story that rips your heart into a million microscopic pieces which are then taken and thrown into the mouth of an active volcano.

Apparently, a few days ago a 15 year old girl decided to drag her 7 year old sister to a party on Sunday in Trenton. Lights should be going off just from that. When they arrived at the party, the 15 year old had sex with several men in exchange for money. After that, what did she do? She accepted money to let the men gang rape her 7 year old sister while she watched. While she watched.


There have been some arrests made in connections to that incident…but that hardly makes the heart heal at all. That little girl’s childhood was pawned away by her own sister and her life…I can’t even begin to imagine the horror she is and will face later in her life.

Last Sunday, I was enjoying myself. It makes you wonder…what sort of things are happening in the lives of other people around the world while we’re enjoying ourselves at the mall or relax at home in front of the TV?


4 comments on “What a lovely capital…

  • That is just so fucked up. I can’t get how a sibling—someone you’d think you could trust would let that happen and actually accept money AND watch. That little girl is going through hell right now. I hope she can heal fully from this through time and help.

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