Strange, but interesting.

Published March 28, 2010 by ABadKitten

Names have always been somewhat of a fascination of mine. Some are beautiful, some are unique, and some are strange. There is usually a meaning behind a name, or a story to be told somewhere.

What about band names? Have you ever listened to a song and thought Hey, this is pretty good. I wonder who sings it! Then when you look it up, you go What the hell? I’ve always wondered how some bands came up with their names. Especially the strange ones! What sort of story is there to be told behind them, other than “Yeah, we were drunk one night and…” Hmm!

Red Hot Chili Peppers. Straight forward enough, right? Maybe the band likes spicy Mexican food! Or maybe chili peppers are just…awesome in their opinion?

Metallica. Ok, that might not be as big as a mystery…but it’s still pretty interesting.

Within Temptation. I think I’d enjoy the story of how their band came by that name.

Hoobastank. I have no idea. Do you?

Shadows Fall. Sirenia. Ludicrous. Papa Roach. Led Zeppelin. Pink Floyd. Interesting, interesting, interesting. The only uninteresting band names I’ve come across would be the bands or singers or what ever that name themselves after a person or people in the band. Pretty unoriginal, but I suppose it works for some people.

What’s the strangest band name you’ve ever come across?


7 comments on “Strange, but interesting.

  • RE : Led Zeppelin. One account of the band’s naming, which has become almost legendary, has it that <a href=”” title=”Keith Moon”>Keith Moon and <a href=”” title=”John Entwistle”>John Entwistle, drummer and bassist for The Who, respectively, suggested that a possible supergroup containing themselves, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck would go down like a lead zeppelin, a term Entwistle used to describe a bad gig.The group deliberately dropped the ‘a’ in Lead at the suggestion of their manager, Peter Grant, to prevent “thick Americans” from pronouncing it “leed”. – Wikipedia

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