Published March 23, 2010 by ABadKitten

There are so many birthdays around this time that it’s almost hard to keep up! My dad’s fiance’s daughter…mouthful…we’ll call her my stepsister…just celebrated her 18th today. My boyfriend is celebrating his 21st on Saturday. My little cousin turned 8 a few weeks ago. An old friend is turning 21 on April 3rd, then another the last week of April. My dad is turning *cough* on April 16th. Mine comes on May 2nd along with my cousin…GEEZ. Not to mention all the others I haven’t named.

Spring babies. Are you one of us?

I love birthdays, though. Love them! Let’s not talk about “Ohh, well I’m another year older…I’m so unhappy…” NO. Let’s talk about “I’ve gotten through another year! Alive! And I have all of you to celebrate this day with me! You love me! Yay! I’m a very special person!” YES!

I especially love when people say they want nothing for their birthday. No celebration, no cake, no anything at all. HA. Yeah, like anyone I know would be allowed to get away with that. You’re getting the cake, you’re getting gifts, you’re getting way more than you would have simply because you didn’t want it. Plain and simple. Eat your cake and be merry.

Even little miss Jenelle who didn’t want anything to go on. But you enjoyed that Spiderman Edible Arrangement and that amazing cookbook didn’t you?! Ha. And that candle…smelled like heaven. I quite enjoyed that Japanese dinner myself…mmmm mm mmmmmm. Eat your…fruit…and be merry!

You know what else I like about birthdays? I’m always in a good mood during them.

Happy birthday, spring children!


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