My obsession with murder.

Published March 3, 2010 by ABadKitten
An interesting fact to know about me: I’m obsessed with serial killers.

It sounds a little extreme when I put it that way, I really can’t deny that it’s true. I’m not obsessed with the act of murder persay, more like obsessed with the types of people who commit such a brutal and twisted act. Serial killers have held a dark place in my heart for a long, long time. I’m absolutely fascinated by them, by their mind, by their motives and by their lives past, present, and future. There are plenty more.

My favorite of all the infamous serial killers is Jack the Ripper, a man who eluded Scotland Yard until his death. Actually, even after his death considering his true identity is still not able to be proven. There have been plenty of suspects and plenty theories about his identity written about by countless authors and Ripperologists (yes, those in the profession of studying everything about Jack the Ripper), but in actuality, the truth is we really don’t know. The man responsible for the Whitechapel Murders was alive in a time where DNA evidence and fingerprinting was not around. It’s unsure how many women he actually murdered aside from the 5 women murdered in 1888.

This man was severely disturbed, yet incredibly brilliant and cocky. He would send letters to Scotland Yard taunting them and poking fun in perverse ways that could have only proven to make their efforts all the more frustrating. Though some of them were proven to be hoaxes sent in by copycats, they are disturbing nonetheless.

“Dear Boss” Letter

Dear Boss,
I keep on hearing the police have caught me but they wont fix me just yet. I have laughed when they look so clever and talk about being on the right track. That joke about Leather Apron gave me real fits. I am down on whores and I shant quit ripping them till I do get buckled. Grand work the last job was. I gave the lady no time to squeal. How can they catch me now. I love my work and want to start again. You will soon hear of me with my funny little games. I saved some of the proper red stuff in a ginger beer bottle over the last job to write with but it went thick like glue and I cant use it. Red ink is fit enough I hope ha. ha. The next job I do I shall clip the ladys ears off and send to the police officers just for jolly wouldn’t you. Keep this letter back till I do a bit more work, then give it out straight. My knife’s so nice and sharp I want to get to work right away if I get a chance. Good Luck.

Yours truly
Jack the Ripper

Dont mind me giving the trade name

PS Wasnt good enough to post this before I got all the red ink off my hands curse it No luck yet. They say I’m a doctor now. ha ha


The “Saucy Jack” Postcard

I was not codding dear old Boss when I gave you the tip, you’ll hear about Saucy Jacky’s work tomorrow double event this time number one squealed a bit couldn’t finish straight off. ha not the time to get ears for police. thanks for keeping last letter back till I got to work again.

Jack the Ripper


“From Hell” Letter

From hell.
Mr Lusk,
I send you half the Kidne I took from one woman and prasarved it for you tother piece I fried and ate it was very nise. I may send you the bloody knif that took it out if you only wate a whil longer

Catch me when you can Mishter Lusk


And my favorite…even though it was found out to be a hoax…

Eight little whores, with no hope of heaven,
Gladstone may save one, then there’ll be seven.
Seven little whores beggin for a shilling,
One stays in Henage Court, then there’s a killing.
Six little whores, glad to be alive,
One sidles up to Jack, then there are five.
Four and whore rhyme aright,
So do three and me,
I’ll set the town alight
Ere there are two.
Two little whores, shivering with fright,
Seek a cosy doorway in the middle of the night.
Jack’s knife flashes, then there’s but one,
And the last one’s the ripest for Jack’s idea of fun.

There are plenty more. Jack the Ripper enjoyed smearing bloody fingerprints all over his letters, switching up his handwriting, giving the officers clever little names, and giving himself clever little names. He even went as far as sending body parts.

Countless days, months, years, decades have been spent researching Jack the Ripper and more and more evidence as to who he was is being found each year. Though he is not the only serial killer who has remained elusive even after death, he is the most fascinating to me. My favorite book written on him so far has got to be Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper– Case Closed by Patricia Cornwell. It’s a read I definitely recommend!

Everyone has strange hobbies or interests. I have plenty more.

What’s an unusual interest that you have?


20 comments on “My obsession with murder.

  • @ShimmerBodyCream – There were loads of haox letters sent in to Scotland Yard and to the news papers. The Dear Boss letter was thought to be a haox at first, until the a murder three days later was reminiscent of it. The Saucy Jack letter is a little tricky. Some people believe a hoaxer could have written it with details from the murder following the Dear Boss letter, when others say that the an ear that was removed from a victim proves it to be real. The From Hell letter was assumed to be real, because it came with with half a human kidney in a box preserved in wine. There are plenty of debates about the authenticity of some letters. Regardless of whether they’re real or fake doesn’t make me any less interested though!

  • @ShimmerBodyCream – According to some sources the first letter, the first two letters or all three letters could be hoaxes. If any are real, it is most likely the third letter mailed with what was found to be a human, left side kidney (though they could not determine gender, age, etc from the partial kidney).A journalist confessed in 1931 to writing the first two letters to keep the ‘business’ in the news.It would also make sense, since the handwriting and obvious education level change so drastically between the second and third letters.

  • @Pandiie_Bear – The Saucy Jack letter is believed to be a hoax because the victim’s ear was not carefully removed but appeared to have been nicked during the commission of the murder. It was also never sent to the police as the letter promised.

  • @bosefius – Which is where the debates come in! Haha. There are many minute details that come into play when searching for these specific answers which is another factor that makes this research so difficult for many people. If only it were all black and white. :[

  • @bosefius – The handwriting of multiple letters was different and played with. That’s something that was pointed out by many authors, Patricia Corwell for example, who believe that Jack the Ripper was an educated man who delved in arts or similar fascinations.

  • I am intrigued by serial killers, too, as well as some of the more sensational murder cases in history that aren’t serial murders but still “different”. I remember I saw a person reading this book that was like a collection of true stories about really messed up people like that, but I can’t remember the name of it, and ever since it has been driving me crazy because I want to read it for that very reason. πŸ˜›

  • hey pandie that is so weird im quite obsessed with them my self i watch criminal minds alot too.and watch movies about serial killers and read books i love all of ann rules novels..they all have their own MO and pattern.  i recently just watched the freeway killer..anyways id love to chat more with ya about the subject.. i have facebook as get back with me ok.. Robin

  • @bosefius – It’s extremely frustrating! But, in my opinion, frustration is part of what makes it so amazingly interesting.@EVIL_TURTLE333 – I think it would depend on your views of the Holocaust, not your interest. I’m quite interested in it to, actually. @veronika_grey – I haven’t seen it. I’ll be sure to look it up. :]@ravenbeauty2 – Serial killers are incredibly fascinating. I love reading up on them and watching movies based around them and what not. :] Any book recommendations? I don’t think I’ve read them all but I’m having a hard time finding more. xD

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