Befriending those of different beliefs.

Published February 25, 2010 by ABadKitten

Hypocrisy is the last thing it is, actually. No matter how many times I hear it, I don’t understand how that certain word deserves to be related to the subject.

I’m an Atheist. I have Atheist friends, of course I do. We share similar beliefs, as you do with many of your friends. I also have religious friends. *GASP* Oh, goodness! Why is it a big deal? We don’t agree when it comes to matter of religion, so unless we’re in the mood to debate, we don’t talk about it. Religious people are not hypocrites for befriending an Atheist, and Atheists are not hypocrites for befriending a Christian.

I was reading a blog that had noting to do with this other than the fact that it spoke of Atheish and Revelife, and I had a memory replay in my head of a friend I made two semesters ago. She was a devout Christian, a very devout Christian with devout Christian friends. Not once, though, did she ever try to tell me I was absolutely stupid and ignorant for believing the way I did and not once did I ever say that to her. I knew how she believed and she knew how I believed from the beginning of our acquaintance, and we basically agreed to disagree. We only spoke of it from time to time but she never let the conversation get heated.

One day, she approached me in tears telling me she had gotten into a fight with her best friend. Her friend had called her a hypocrite who didn’t deserve the love of God because she had befriended a non-believer, an Atheist. Her friend had also told her parents and, apparently, they weren’t too thrilled with her either. She and I began speaking less and less while her friends were around, and eventually we stopped speaking all together.

Not everyone believes in the same things. That’s a fact people are incapable of accepting because they don’t seem to be able to handle that their word is not worshiped above all others. I’m talking about people of all beliefs here, not just Christians. It’s a really, really sad day when two people who actually liked each other a lot cannot be friends anymore because the people around them can’t get over their own religious differences.

Thankfully, that’s the only time that’s happened to me.

Do you have friends who have different religious views than you?


19 comments on “Befriending those of different beliefs.

  • Yeah, well before I got married and my life radically changed with my health-I’m pretty much stuck at home now (grr) and my friends haven’t followed in staying friends I used to have friends that were of different beliefs-I am a Christian, a pretty open minded Christian but still religion is one of those things, I know what I believe I know what you believe if you ever want to talk to me about it I’m here kind of thing. Hope that makes sense πŸ™‚ 

  • I’m not Atheist, but I am Pagan. It freaks people out so it is not something I tell them much of. But this guy I started dating is Catholic, but not very devout. It scares me a little and maybe things will work out.I’ve been in your friends position, but it was with my mother. If they knew I wasn’t Christian I would be disowned, literally. But I have friends that are Agnostic, Atheist, Buddhist, Hindu, and every other form of religion under the sun. For me, I love to hear about what people believe and how they see the world. We can talk about it all we want, but don’t push me to believe anything. Like saying “You’re wrong because you believe in this…”A main reason why I am pro-choice and same sex marriage. Each individual has the right to do with their body and believes as they wish. No one should oppress them because of believes that each party differ on. 

  • wow i never really knew this kind of thing went on. i do have friends of different beliefs too, but i guess it never occurred to me that anyone would ever see it “wrong” to be friends with them. we talk about why we believe what we do and thats about where it ends. the rest of our conversation revolves around school, boys and movies. lol!thats really sad about what happened to you and your friend. and if this kind of thing happens to anyone else. thats not right. its similar to white people being friends with black people or asian people. theres absolutely nothing wrong with it just because we’re both from different backgrounds. 

  • Personally, I can’t be friends with anyone who cannot use logic or lets anything cloud reality.  Doesn’t matter if it’s religion or not.  Unintelligent and close-minded, ignorant people I just can’t be friends with.  It’s futile.

  • @wishtoremainunknown – My family doesn’t know I’m Atheist, because some of them are pretty religious. I understand that position. It’s a horrible feeling.@haloed – I understand that, haha. None of my friends are like that because I make a point not to associate with people like that. It makes my claws come out, and I’d rather keep them put away. Plus, people like that are a waste of time.

  • My family is Christian while I am not. My boyfriend is a Buddhist while I am nothing. You see I do not call myself anything. I do not like labels and I do not think of myself as an Atheist or any such thing. I have my beliefs–and I know they do not hold to Christiainty–they are leaning towards Buddhism but you see my beliefs are my own so maybe my “religion” is Amberism But I will always be around people who believe differently than I, why should I try to isolate myself or act in such a way to make myself out to be rude. We should accept each others beliefs and let it be. We can all be friends no matter our beliefs if we are willing to accept the person for who they truly are.

  • My BFF is buddhist, my two other close friends are Catholic and Protestant, and I’m agnostic. I also have several Wiccan and Atheist friends. I don’t know what religion my online friends practice because I really don’t care. It’s not like a requirement for me to ‘approve’ of their religion before I become their friend.

  • @QueenOfOreos – I agree with you and I don’t like labels either. I too, believe what I believe. Yet, I am not so vain to believe that there is no “creator”, however indescribable the “creator” may be, but I have no need to force others into believing what I believe.  !

  • I think it’s sometimes hard to be friends with people of very different political views because their personalities are very different.  Thus the differing politics.  But I am friends with people with widely varied religious beliefs.

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