Anonymous comments?

Published February 24, 2010 by ABadKitten

I was just reading this entry, a type of entry that you would expect to see the drama llama grazing near. Racism-related entries with comments from racist people tend to draw the fuzzy guy right into the action, but that’s perfectly expected.

What I noticed, though, were quite a few anonymous comments and a few comments from people who seem to prefer their privacy. Meaning, you can’t click on their name and visit their website (something I’m actually a little new to here). I’ve seen that once or twice before, and I was always curious about it.

These comments from these anonymous commenters were full of rage and harsh language, the type you can obviously expect a reaction to. All anonymous comments seem to be written this way, something that doesn’t surprise me. I suppose this allows them to be complete jerks when ever they want to and not worry about backlash or other people finding out who they are. That seems like a serious cop-out to me. If you feel the strong urge to say something littered with foul language and harsh insults, you should be ready to face the consequences of your actions. Sending anonymous comments provide to me the tools to construct the opinion that you are a yellow-bellied, sheltered, and immature person who either cannot or will not handle the consequences of their actions.

But that’s just my opinion. I understand why some people would want to go ahead and do it for fear of backlash they may not want to deal with, but I would feel like feeble person for doing so. Besides, when I feel a certain way, I want people to know. I’m not willing to hide behind the skirts of a disabled link.

Would you ever send an anonymous comment?


20 comments on “Anonymous comments?

  • I would but not if it’s something harsh on my part, like if someone is going through something terrible and I try to console them by saying I’ve been through that but maybe I don’t want to talk about it I’ll do that but most anon situations are stupid.

  • I definitely understand for situations like that, but I have had some anonymous comments left on my site, and I completely understand why they were left like that, and wouldn’t want any of those people to feel bad for not putting something out there on their name that is uncomfortable to them. It’s never something that would offend someone though. I would be pissed if someone left a very opinionated comment and I couldn’t tell who it was. I would definitely think they were chicken shit. 

  • How do you leave a anonymous comment??? I don’t know how…I know I’ve gone to leave a comment on something I read off the front page, and I wasn’t signed in yet, so I had to sign in to leave a comment.I don’t know how to leave a anonymous comment.

  • I never have…Another thing that bothers me a little is how random people will visit your page, look at a few of your entries, but when you click on their usernames [on your footprints page], you find out that they have their blog on private.Oh, and people who join blogrings and have their blog on private.Doesn’t make any sense to me.

  • @maxxi2031 – That I understand. I wasn’t even considering anything personal when I wrote this, lol. I have no idea how to leave an anonymous comment or to make it so your name isn’t a link. It’s probably pretty simple, I just have no idea how to go about it, haha.@Alyxandri – That annoys me too. :[ It annoys me even more when a person leaves a comment on my blog, then I go to return the favor or to check out what they write, and their page is private. Grr.

  • If they are commenting just to bash and they are doing it anonymously they are a bunch of cowards and really–show your face! Lol, I would but not for that reason.When I didn’t have an account any longer that one time I came and I commented but of course I was anonymous-and I don’t bash.

  • Excellent. Right on! People like that are losers who probably get off to it, just looking for a reaction. You’re better off just tuning them out. Fire a bolt of lightning out your ass. 

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